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Caleb – once again you astound me! You have the gift of stating the “obvious” but in a way that makes me see what is not obvious in my own walk with Him. And then I look at my own “circle” and go hmmmmm …. And that moves me.

Thank you (and please keep writing!) :-)

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In my youth group we are given options for ways we can serve. I love this, it is one of the most amazing things about my church! We are given opportunities from day one to do amazing things for Jesus Christ. So from 7th grade until my 11th grade year that is exactly what I did! I served at camps and Vacation Bible Schools, and I loved it. When I turned 16 I told myself that I am going to do Work Crew at a camp called Malibu. I don’t know why I wanted to do this, I honestly didn’t know anything about it. So January of the next year, I had turned 17, and I looked on the YoungLife website which said it was time for me to apply. So I applied blindly, still not having any idea what I was getting into. I just knew it had to…

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