Incest always kills the gene pool

A blog of 5000+ words always makes me wince.

Truth be told? A dispassionate editor could probably shave at least half of that away. But it was not written by a dispassionate editor. It was written by a passionate minister.

For The Love of God: Collateral Damage
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Before me sat a beautiful child of God, full of genuine love, mercy, compassion, kindness; you get the picture. She had just told me that a friend of decades told her they wouldn’t be visiting a media production because this child of God didn’t belong to the right “denomination” and they couldn’t be seen in this other “organization,” because this “denomination” was NOT a true Christian one!! (As with ALL churches, there are things right and things wrong, but Christ is loved and worshipped there.)

And lovely Roland stirred my spirit. The Spirit within. A spirit who grows restless. Who sees us all drool over bricks and mortar, rules and regulations, bums on seats and the size of a godly congregation.

A spirit who grows restless at being contained, made safe from itself, kept in a box.

Wiki-the-Pedia says this about church:
Church, a building used for religious services, usually referring specifically to those for Christian worship.
Christian Church, the worldwide body of Christians.
Christian church, the body of people who share a faith or denomination within a community.
Religious denomination, an organization of churches sharing the same faith.

A spirit who grows weary of all the words written, disseminated, dissected and disrespected. All these words of the Sunday mentality. The Sunday schoolyard mentality. We call it church. A restless spirit calls it “baloney”

So I went back to The Source – The Word.

“In the NT a church is never a building or meeting place”

Incest always kills the gene pool. There is a science which explains it all much better than I can. Incest. Gene pools. Reproduction. Weird shit. Extinction.

Because when all you see are the same faces in the same pews …. when you fraternise and reproduce spiritually with those same faces in the same pews … when you socialise and networkise with those same faces in the same pews … an ever weaker and weaker strain is the result.

The mentality of Sunday schoolyard kills. And all the way to extinction we smile … nod politely … sit in the same pew … tap out another few thousand words about the schoolyard of Sundays.

A restless spirit is afoot.

The Word says your church needs you.

To get out – and stay out.

To find new genes, to explore new gene pools, to boldly go where no genie has ever gone before!

The Word says your church is out there – not in here.

Is those over there – not just those in the next pew.

Are those who smell, smoke, drink, gamble, fornicate, swearicate, twitchicate, complain, bitch and curse.

Those who know Love when it high-fives them over a game of pool.

Those who Love a trier.

Those who Love each other with a fierce honesty

Not usually found in your pew.

Those who say God Yes –

– Church No.

A restless spirit is afoot.

Your church needs you.

Your minister/pastor/cleric NEEDS YOU …

To get out – and stay out!

( )

“In the NT a church is never a building or meeting place”