What is one to do?

Religion stinks. Always something to argue about. Church stinks. Always the building the centre of so much time and money. The bible stinks. If you say it is fiction people expect you not believe in God. If you say it is true people tell you why the way you read it is not correct. Life stinks. Always having to do stuff I don’t want. Being nice to people I don’t like. Money stinks. If I have too much people expect me to give it away, if I don’t have enough no one wants to give me any. Love stinks. Always someone taking from some giving. A timebomb waiting to happen. You stink. You always expect me to be more like you. I stink. I am surrounded by stuff I hate. If only everyone would leave me alone to be me!

One holiday later.

Yeah religion has its bad points and bad people – but that is true of everything. Church is an institution, but it is there for people in real pain, it is perfect for those who have lost a loved one and need comfort. The bible may be fiction, but it is full of love and hate – I just leave the hate alone and focus on the love. Life is okay. That’s what holidays are for – to get back in touch with what’s important. Money is good! We spent way too much and had a great time! Love … sorry, that’s personal! All I will say is we found love again in a really lovely way! And you’re okay. No really – you are okay. I like you. And me? Well give me two weeks in the sun and I am pretty good as well!

Fact based proper-evidence v Faith based belief non-evidence.

The clue is in the “v”. To some it means “versus”, to others it mean “two fingers”. But always it will have a winner and loser. I have just found it only has losers.

My confusion is this.

At what point does the “v” stop being “the versus of conversation”, and become “the V of outrage”?

Why must I – by admitting the bible is a fiction – no longer believe anything that comes out of it?  Why must I now move to the side of those intent on destroying it?  Why is that rational?  How is that freedom?  And how is that loving?

Because when being right means that humanity and kindness are wrong – that (for me) is when evidence is irrelevant.  Because that is when evidence offers not humanity but conformity.   And I was told that is the way forwards.

Because the Bad Idea – of believing the bible – is the object, and getting rid of the Bad Idea is the only thing that matters.  Which means that the (real) feelings of those with the “Bad Idea” do not matter.

My hypocrisy (it seems) is in disagreeing with those who thought I was agreeing not just with the “bible fiction bit” – but with all that (they say) comes after that.  I experienced that in religion” – when “being saved” meant doing a whole load of “stuff”.  And church also tells me that is not true as well.  Seems only the statement of “I believe’s” is different.  And the “evidence” which both sides say they have.  So it all seems a bit pointless really.  Both sides need me to “be saved” and do all the stuff that follows.  Which is conforming. And not very “freeing” at all.

What is one to do?

Thankfully it leaves me free to carry on loving as unconditionally as I can.

Which suits me and GSHJ perfectly.

Anyone for a holiday?  🙂