If Jesus loves difficult questions …

Good morning –

And all I can say is WOW! Your blog took far less time to read than the passionate response it elicited (and still is). The curiosity for me is not “proof and evidence” to support who is “right or wrong”. It is this – why do we need to make things so black and white, to reject so many questions, to prove others wrong, to selectively quote a fragment or two from the bible, to ignore the full body and sense of the bible, to tell rather than wonder, to stamp out any mystery, to impose logic and rational conclusions … to Know (if our own faith is strong – or if our atheism is in place)? Because it is called faith/belief for a reason (in any christian and in any atheist). In a court of law you do not swear that “the faith and belief I shall give …” At this point in my life I would not have written a blog like yours. But I am so glad you did. Thank you.

I found myself tapping these words into a reply to a blog:

The blog itself followed the lead of its title. And like any blog is the personal view of its author. Any responses and replies posted below the blog (and moderated by the blog author before acceptance) are also the personal views of those writers. And this blog attracted a high number of different views along with a level of passion from objective to verbally abusive. With the average level being “I am right and this is why you are wrong” kind of passion.

If you read Masondan’s piece (above) I suspect your knee-jerk response will be similar.

And (if I am right) that makes me even more curious.

I think Jesus loves being asked difficult questions! I think none of us is as comfortable. Why is that?

Have a great day –

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