Mr McD’s words were recommended – but not this posting. However, the words and attitude and love within this particular piece touched me. No banging of any “PC drum”. No backing any issues. Just touched by a gentle love shown where so many are quick to judge and exclude.


Tell me what you will do if a gay brother visits your local church this Sunday, comfortably sitting on the front row pew, going through the hymnal with a weave on, over his head; basking in pink makeup, in the most holy, sanctified, glorified place; highly electrified with passion for worship, by the saints? Will you change your sermon, Mr. Preacher? Will the choir be able to function, hitting the right notes at worship, will he be allowed to introduce himself, and will he affect the flow of service, and will the church hug him after the service?

PAUSE AND REFLECT! “Jesus encountered all kinds of people in His earthly ministry, either unplanned or on purpose. In those moments; face to face with the good, the bad, and the ugly, the result was always awesome and glorious. The joy of finding that which was lost, was always written like graffiti, on the…

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