Large portion of complicated please

Many years ago a number of unrelated or connected people in my life said something similar in different ways within a short period of time. It made me stop and think. I looked inside myself and thought – I think they are right.

That thought was enough for me to hand in my notice, get some additional qualifications, work part-time while doing that, and then go to university a year after that. Teacher Training degree. What I was told was “I think you would make a really good teacher!”

So why – years laters – do I happily do accounts and payroll and credit control?

Well, student life was Great! Except for the requirement to study. And exams – they seemed a little harsh. Getting up in the mornings? Sort of intruded into my routine. Stuff like that.

Instead of teaching, I became “social secretary” (The band U2? I booked them. They were just “breaking” then. Playing halls of 600-1000. Bono? All I remember is passing by and thinking I had a naked man on stage! He wore a pink body suit for some reason).

And instead of teaching I became disillusioned. Many students were only there because it delayed “looking for work” for another year after their degree course. Teaching seemed much less a vocation – more a “I don’t know what to do” strategy.

In those days the government funded such endeavours. Student Loans had not been invented then. Degrees were for the elite. The crème de la crème of the intellectually endowed. Like wot I woz. Investing in their future to receive a return from their contribution to society in the following years. In my case it was not such a wise investment.

That whole part of my life took four years. Turned it upside down and far away. All because a number of people got me thinking.

Nowadays listening for guidance is pro-active rather than passive. Direct, through words, through others, through repetition, through testing. Since “doing God for real” I have turned my life upside down and far away. Some call it being born again. Others call it dying to this world. I don’t call it anything.

Don’t need no degree. Don’t need no book studying. Don’t need to weird rituals. Don’t need no good or bad music. Don’t need very much at all. Don’t even need to agree with everyone.

Just Love. Just Simple. Just to relate. Relationship. Love. God. Simple. And listen. Like you would your lover. Like your best friend. Like you mum or your dad. Your bestie (but please – no selfies!)

Sometimes I look back. What if … I hadn’t booked a naked weirdo … had done good … had become a teacher? It’s a fun pastime, but pretty pointless.

Because now? Now I simply know –

He guides me whether I say yes or no. Might even build a whole new stage and give me a whole new set of characters. If that is what he wishes. I sense that whichever path I follow … if I listen with love – with faith – with simplicity – with relationship …

I know he will surround me. With his scenery. His children. His landscape.

Just like being submerged in love, I get a real sense I am submerged “in everything”. Customised and tailored just for me. That is MASSIVE!

And then my brain explodes …

When I transfer that thinking to include every single one of us. You and you. And that evil person sinning over there. All of us. That is not MASSIVE – that is beyond MASSIVE … and my brain has just exploded again!

Maybe that is why we struggle with this “God stuff” and “simplicity” so often.

God is so big he explodes my brain. So there must be a rational explanation we can impose – to stop ending up crazy or in debt or stuff like that. So we hit our panic button again and again:

“Large portion of Complicated, please – and make it snappy!”

BTW, He seems to have hidden my panic button somewhere. Probably by the finger paints somewhere. Who knows?
(amazing what a few verses do to a chap:

He left that place and went to the region of Judea and beyond the Jordan. And crowds again gathered around him; and, as was his custom, he again taught them. Mark 10:1-2)


23 thoughts on “Large portion of complicated please

  1. This is fabadabadoooo!!!!! (Highly intellectual, super spiritual term for ‘jolly good post’).
    I wholeheartedly agree as one who cottoned on to this fact, threw away the ‘How to do God’ books (which led me to MASS confusion) and simply seeked His take on things through HIS word and HIS spirit. And, came to see that it’s all just simple too. I now have a simple life, full of simple love and its simply wonderful! No hype, no striving but extremely challenging and joyful…an amazing adventure everyday of LOVE in all directions.
    Oh I agree…how we do complicate Him so!
    And ohhhhh how He loves us still, when we do!! :)))))

    • KAPOW! Highly unintellectual term for when God rolls in here with the batmobile, kitted out in his Batman outfit 🙂

      Thank you. Mass confusion! All it takes is a little faith, a dollop of love, and stirring with simplicity. Like the top chefs say: always use the best ingredients – then you can keep it simple!

      Have a simply wonderful day.


  2. Hey Paul. I finally figured out why I search out your blog. (and finally had the brains to have them sent to my email, boy that was a no brainer). It’s the simplicity thing. We roll around and around in this life looking for answers to this or that……………..ridiculous. There are no answers. Because they are UNNECESSARY!! There’s LOVE. HIS LOVE. The End.

    • What a jolly wonderful comment. Thank you!

      And that comment gets you to be honorary captain of the team: This strip back all the “stuff” and what are you left with conversation. Don Merritt, and Little Monk have been dissolving my “stuff” brain cells for quite a while now. Bit like laser surgery. Scary at first and then really cool when you get the fun going.

      A lot of others have held mirrors up at different angles. All reflecting back another facet of the “love” core. And at the very centre – right in the middle – where my brain explodes – you come back with:

      “There are no answers” Unnecessary – gets in the way!

      And pushes that laser beam on a different tangent! More “stuff” grey cells going the way of the others. My head is already going full circle to “Faith.” God = Love = Faith = Trust = No Fear = …. Like a gold ring. No beginning, no end. No “answers” – none needed.

      Beautiful!! Simple and beautiful! Thank you!!

  3. I agree: Jolly good post!

    And to think, when I was hanging out with politicians, you were hanging with U2 and Bono… and we end up here, sitting around the same kitchen table

    No questions asked, no complications, just KAPOW!

  4. “Lord, you alone are my portion, my cup of blessing.” (Psalm 16:5) You are so correct. We try to complicate and over-analyze everything. And we consume large “portions” of the chaos, cacophony, and clamoring clutter. All we truly need is a small cup of God’s blessing. “I say to myself, ‘The LORD is my portion; therefore I will wait for him.'” (Lam 3:24) See? Simple. 🙂

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