Is there a time?

I know it’s Lent and all – **am I** still allowed to talk about “Making Disciples”? Or should I save that until after Easter – towards summer maybe?

Nope … we focus on holidays then.

Sometime after summer then?

Nope … we start thinking about Advent then …

Aw shoot!

Can someone tell me –

Is there a time we can talk about God’s so so wanting to “Make Me a Disciple” (as we so so often miss when we talk about Making Disciples) in the church calendar?

Taken from this week’s “warm yourself up” page of my lovely daily bible companion:

On support networks

A popular series of cell-phone commercials boasted the strength of network coverage by showing a huge crowd of people following close behind the customer as he walked down the street speaking on his cell phone.

That’s a good metaphor for the kind of support I’m going to need if I am to live according to God’s will. As I make my way through the spiritual life,

it is absolutely crucial that I have a strong support network following close behind me, cheering me on, booing the false spirit, whispering tips in my ear, and passing me Gatorade. I will need good mentors, good companions, and a strong link to the church.

From Mark E. Thibodeaux SJ, God’s Voice Within, Loyola Press.

Taken from:

** see that “am I” – it gets everywhere this “I am of I am”.

I am of I am of I am of I am of I am of I am of I am … Fee Nom Enn Al!!



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