Kebap anyone?

In three hours we leave for the airport and a wonderful week away.

England to Turkey. And a week with some friends in their “downtime” without all the tourists (as we usually are). Will be a very special time. Mmmmmmmm ……

So special I am leaving all this blogging malarkey in England.

Please look after it, these connections have become very dear to my heart. These shared words adding so much to my daily life. And when we get back I can promise little other than a kinda bronzed look, a chillbilly demeanour, and a renewed vigour.

(which always makes me curious … why is the term “Retreat” used when people take time out to meander with God. Isn’t that less a “retreat” and more of a “stepping forwards”?)

Seems I can leave the blog here – but not my curiosity! Which is very reassuring!


Kebap anyone?

Tarrah for now –



13 thoughts on “Kebap anyone?

    • Heather – again you see something I would never have – until afterwards. Got a ton of words brewing inside. Yet need to filter that ones too special to share from the ones that should. If that makes any sense. 🙂


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