Hello again …

Having been away from the internet … Life as we usually do it … In a country that does it their way … Having returned with so many thoughts, stories, memories, words … Feeling disconnected with this blogging malarkey after such a short time … Cruising through the blogs I have missed … Finding So Much Writing (!) to catch up with …

Only one thing – a very lovely thing – shines through.

A real love of, and so many real relationships with, Our Lord.

Profound comments, wise comments, loving comments, shared words, shared thoughts, all centred on, and grounded in, one thing. Jesus Christ our Heavenly Father. Our God of Love. Our eternal family before, now and after.

All of these words offered freely, offered without an agenda, offered as community, offered in love.

All so rooted in the bible – the words and spirit within. All an outpouring of your own love with nothing to gain materially. Nothing to increase your worldly esteem or wealth. All simply an outpouring of the spirit … Of your spirit … Of love.

Do you know that whilst on holiday I never missed this daily blogging. Now I am back I am so glad I “switched off” from it completely.

Because reading so many words this morning is like looking at a much loved light – yet through a new perfectly cut diamond. So many facets. So many wow moments. So many wows the same. So many wows the different. So much “I Am” shining through all your words. All of them bathing submerging connecting.

I am glad to have seen that with a fresh eye. This morning has been a real gift. From all your hearts.

Thank you.


13 thoughts on “Hello again …

    • Hiya Katie – Thank you.

      I have been drinking “çay” made/served the Turkish way. Both a drink and a reason to sit and be together. It was a very different way of “having a cuppa” than usually done when working and living “normally” *(like right now on my own – big mug beside the keyboard)

    • Don, thank you.

      If I had had internet access I know I would have been logging on and missed the treat of getting home and finding all these words infused with such love. Think the lord wanted me to have a great big wondrous surprise after a week of great big wondrous surprises abroad. Words are running around my had bumping into each other right now. So – as with good Turkish çay – just letting them brew until He picks out the flavours to share.

  1. It is awesome. I just started blogging 3 months ago, and all the reasons you listed are exactly how I feel too. Love it. Family. : ) Glad you are back! Love and blessings

    • Denine – thank you. We grew a whole bunch of new connections this holiday. Sort of taking the love and finding the love in a different country – different reflection, same love.

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