Third Sunday in Lent – March 23

The more time I spend with ChapLynne, the more I find the wealth of words, pictures, music presented so lovingly each day … is offering me a hearty meal of fellowship with my lord. Breakfast table fellowship without a calory in sight! Marvellous! Thank you, ChapLynne.

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The Samaritan Woman

“Jesus catechizes the Samaritan Woman at the well” by Fr Lawrence Lew, O.P.; flickr

The Third Sunday in Lent continues the story of Jesus arriving in Samaria and sitting down by the well of Sychar—Jacob’s Well—the ancient equivalent of our water-cooler. The disciples head into town to buy meat, but Jesus rests because he is tired and thirsty.

The time is noon—think midday hot sun. Not the best time to come to collect water. Imagine hauling water for your needs from outside of town into town every day. The first haul would be predawn, so there was little chance of evaporation. Why lose any of your haul before returning home? So choosing when the sun is highest would be the least likely time to collect water. This would be the time that most water would evaporate quickly. Yet, the story begins with the time. Noon.

While Jesus…

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