Twenty-Fourth Day of Lent – Saturday – Mar 29

Dear ChapLynne – those big church organs – the ones where a “monster chord” is about to happen – where the organist is busily pulling out a stop here, checking where “that” pedal is, adjusting themselves ever so slightly on the seat – a real sense of “here it comes” as I watch them. Then it happens – a millisecond of expectation and “WHAM” the building, air and all hearts within earshot filled with something magnificent and memorable.

Your post today did that (without the dramatics) to me. Just kept on adding, checking, adjusting, and then then magnificence in your message. “Lights clarify. Darkness disguises.” beautiful. JP/jet fuel – wow. “I challenge Christians…” amen. So much more – but your words so much better than mine.

This post will resound and reverberate within for some time. Thank you and your lord.

ChapLynne's Chat

The Prologue to St. John’s Gospel

“Prologue to St John’s Gospel” This is a hand-illuminated text of John’s Prologue, which used to be read at end of every Mass. It was made in the 19th century by Dominican sisters at Stone in Staffordshire.Photo by Fr Lawrence Lew, O.P.; flickr


The Twenty-Third Day of Lent examines that which gives us direction—the prophet Samuel directs King Saul to kill the King Agag of the Amalekites, with the words that as he had made women childless, so would his mother be made childless.

We already learned that King Saul failed to destroy the animals and then tried to cover it up and shift blame from himself. This disobedience cost Saul the Kingdom. I used to wonder why God stressed that some should be wiped out—man, woman, child and beast. A small reading of history explains the importance of annihilating an enemy that…

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