Underlying confidence … Overriding fear

Browsing through all these bloggy words, I happened upon a sentence that drew me in:

“Curiosity requires a degree of innocence, an underlying confidence that allows one to explore something without an overriding fear that one will be hurt in the process.”
Jnana’s Red Barn: http://jnanahodson.net/2014/04/03/engaging-the-gopis/ (comments) – reproduced here with Jnana’s agreement.

As I like this word “curious”, it was Jnana’s definition I found delightful.

“an underlying confidence …. without an overriding fear …one will be hurt …”

Doesn’t that catch your attention? Doesn’t that seem to underpin faith? Doesn’t that underpin trust? Doesn’t that underpin Love?

Then I saw this video on Facebook and went back to You Tube to plonk it here:

And after thoroughly enjoying the video, what struck me was this:

One road defying that definition. One bus defying that definition. One bus service running a schduled timetable defying all those definitions. Yet we are confident it must be safe. We trust we won’t get hurt. We have an underlying confidence. We do not have an overriding fear.

How easily we trust in “man made”. How much faith we place in “technology”. In ourselves. In the daftest of circumstances, in the scariest of places, in situations where we know others have died.

The list goes on: aeroplane travel; train travel; car travel; pedestrian travel; brushing our teeth (google it!); going up and down stairs … simply going about the business of living.

All of it carrying “acceptable” risk where others have died. We know this. We accept this. We have faith it will not happen to us. We gamble with risk every day of lives. And sometimes we lose (which is okay so long as it is others).

And then somewhere along our journey through life we bump into God. A God who comes risk free; completely free; who is the Love we seek; who has eternity enough to value me for who I am; for what I was created … Everything good wrapped up in one word: Love.

A love even better than the human “pot of gold” we chase so willingly and painfully – just so we can have that relationship with our human soul mate.

So I am curious. Why is it in this constant risk filled living we are all so good at, all so accepting of … Why when it comes to God = Love do we seem programmed to have: “an underlying fear …. without an overriding confidence …one WILL be hurt …”?

I remain curious.

>>> and – just because I love you – the Facebook link which began this morning’s mini-journey was another. It is the most heart-warming “prank” I have ever seen. Kind of applied Love in action! Enjoy …


6 thoughts on “Underlying confidence … Overriding fear

  1. I love this post. We shouldn’t fear in his Great love. But there are some risks with God. His love sends us to the edges to minister to his children. I have read about some wonderful people who live life where there is much physical risk, and I recall being in City du Soliel, Haiti and felt risk. But there is no spiritual risk when you work for him – that is the difference.
    What a wonderful “Prank” if you can call it that.


    • Mark, you make a great point and a timely reminder. Across the globe there are many who suffer right now for their faith. In countries where persecution happens, I would not be so cavalier with words such as these. Yet I have no sense of danger, nor do I see any across the western world, in freely following God. I wonder why others do.


      • I wonder if the west will always be that way. I pray it will. I didn’t see your words as cavalier at all, I hope I didn’t come across that way. My thought was more of an addendum. A next step, if you will. While we are safe in Him, Matthew 10:28 “And fear not them that kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul…” We can experience his peace and do great things. Does that rambling make any sense?


      • Mark – thank you. Your comment struck me, how easily we (I) think more in terms of our “own locale” (whether that be a location or country). There is a wonderful gentleness, in these comments – your addition was taken with the one-ness it was given. And it caused me to remember the “one-ness” across this globe and time. Thank you. 🙂


  2. Paul, we trust Him by faith. After we have experienced His love our faith should continue to grow to trust Him in an ever increasing way through life it seems. He can accomplish a lot of what seems dangerous through us. He will protect us because He loves us. Good post.


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