Buffeted by insinuation

I have a simple faith. God. Love. Relationship. That is about it really.

The Word of God. Love. Relationship. A need less Love. Love.

Yet I am beginning to understand the appeal of a monastery. A cloistered existence. Much like a lover yearns for his love. The distractions and calling of the world and living a distraction from loving love.

And I am beginning to understand the formation of division. Division formed by focus. A focus on loving love. On loving something that becomes transformed by a single minded focus. A focus that must use any means to retain focus. The focus of attaining the love of love.

And I beginning to see the the cost of that focus. A cost that must trample on others. A cost that must select just the right evidence to convince others. A cost that needs. Needs to be right. Needs to be righteous. Needs to sleep at night convinced of right.

My sadness is when that need is wrapped up as God.

A sadness that it must become Religion. A need to be named. A need to be seen to be righteous. A need to select beliefs, icons, structure, history, evidence to sleep at night being right.

For as soon as I step outside my simple faith of God, Love and Relationship – I am buffeted by opposing storms of righteousness. All selling something. All with a pitch. None need less. All needy.

God. Love. Needy. A needy God.

I am buffeted by a chosen people needing to be restored. I am buffeted by prophetic fulfilment needing financial support. I am buffeted by academic evidential righteousness. I am buffeted by need. That I need to believe this, or that, or the other. Always I need to believe in somebody other than God. I need to believe that this prophet is better than that prophet. I need to believe that this interpretation is better than that interpretation. This way of doing things better than that way of doing things. This way of living the right way, that way of living the wrong way. This brandname “of God” better than that brandname “not of God”. The list of need goes on and on and on. All of it “stuff” I need to believe – according to one organisation or another. One structure built higher than another. One needy belief selling a better pitch than another.

All of it with the spoken (or unspoken) “sign on the dotted line”. Now choose – are you with us or against us (they need to know).

Well …

I read about the serpent in the garden. Insinuating himself (a lot of male focus in the bible) within “the tree” – insinuating himself in the truth – insinuating himself in God. Needing belief. Needing a signature on the dotted line. Needing a choice, a decision, a consequence. Needy usual love.

I read about Jesus becoming indignant at man’s inhumanity to man. I read about God’s eternal love – an unusual love – a pure need less Love. A God who simply desires. A desire to please and be pleased. An eternal patience of (unusual) need less love.

So if all this buffeting is of God … why is that?

Why am I needed to believe one version or another? Make a choice. Tithe to “my God”. Lend to “my God”. Get a return on your investment from “my God.” Blow yourself up for “our God”. Blow others up for “our God”. Denigrate, abuse, ignore, turn away from, divide and prove wrong. All to satisfy a need. The need to prove I am right and you are wrong – because “God” says so.

I am indignant at being buffeted by stealthy insinuation. Insinuating God into something not of God. Insinuating … or as it seems to me …



16 thoughts on “Buffeted by insinuation

    • Step outside the bible, have a look around at others’ reading of the same words – and it seems (this morning and other days) as though “buy my theory” from competing camps is all I bump into. Once that thought was rolling today, the good lord seemed to walk alongside and keep nudging the thought a little faster.


      • Oh my goodness, may they have ears to hear. I am amazed at how so many people believe they have the ultimate knowledge of something as complex as God’s Word.
        There is so much significance as to how much can be gleaned from one scripture alone. No one (at least that I know) can possibly know it all. People are just not that wise!

        It is often the most insignificant things that divide. People concentrate on one speck only to miss the larger picture completely.

        I’m so glad you followed God’s prompting. That was an excellent post. Enjoy your weekend! All the best, Lilka


      • One other thing, yesterday I posted Spurgeon’s daily that I do. It was on tithing. I noticed that you mentioned it and am glad you did today. Even though I love Spurgeon naturally I don’t agree with him on every point, this being one of them. I was taught tithing as a kid but I don’t think the NT teaches it and I don’t practice it. But as The Lord directs me is the way we give. Just sayin.


      • Now that seems to be another “elephant in the room”. For some reason I always get the picture of a big millstone around a neck when that word crops up. A burden a sacrifice a duty a number someone else invented. Another transaction. In the same way I have seen others yah-hoo about giving everything away – and look what they got back “from God” … I squirm a little. And then the insinuation: not committed enough, pray big and get big, are you for us or against us …. That is a great point. And I like your benchmark. The Lord guiding. One on one. Simple and true.


  1. I can’t tell you much you have ignited a fire in me over that word “Insinuate” and your BRILLIANT examination of it and insight into it. “In Sin You Ate” is truly, magnificently, delectably awesome. I have so much to share with you but God is kneading and proofing the seed. When I’m ready to share, or rather, when He is ready for me to share, you will be the first person I contact!
    Thanks, Paul, as always for being an inspiration.


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