Elephants in the room

Elephants in the room have been on my mind for a while. Those subjects and thoughts of which we think and remain silent. The moderate, anything for a quiet life, let’s all live happily together, we shouldn’t judge kind of living we prefer. We don’t need the hassle of mentioning something others will become heated over.

These elephants in the room insinuate themselves into our way of living. Our way of behaving. Our insincerity of thinking. Our righteous way of acting. We don’t need the hassle so we say nothing. And by saying nothing we say everything.

One such elephant is “The Middle East Problem”. It has been increasingly on my mind. Maybe because I have been dwelling on some history. Covenant history. Maybe prompting a number of threads – all interweaving – with a growing clarity. And then being drawn to other stuff. Now – today – stuff. The Middle East Problem stuff.

Threads such as Old Covenant New Covenant. Pre-Jesus and post-Jesus. Promised Land and Chosen People. The Law and commandments. History and expectations. God and smiting. God and promises. Prophecy and interpretation. And love.

(By the way – I must confess to being possessed. Never felt saner, nor more normal in my life. I have God living inside of me. It’s where He lives inside all of us who claim Him as our Lord and God. It’s just that “being possessed” is another elephant in the room – we don’t like to talk about that either)

And this morning I bumped into the words below. And got a real big bump inside. An “enough is enough” kind of bump. A God kind of bump.

…It’s a lesson we have to learn, re-learn, over-learn every single time, and the reason is quite simple. The Palestinians, the moderate Palestinians, the Fatah Palestinians, Abbas, have shown us again and again that when it comes to making a final deal to get a peace with Israel, they are not interested. … They will do interim deals, they will do temporary deals. But here, they were confronted with an Israel prepared to create a Palestinian state, divide Jerusalem, and withdraw every Israeli, every Israeli who lives in a settlement on Palestinian territory. The answer’s always no, and the reason is this: they will not accept a Jewish state in their midst.


There are multitude of ancient and modern opinions on the “Middle East Problem.” I am no expert. Nor do I wish to be. Being an expert means seeing specks in everyone else’s eyes. I have too many logs in my own to see that clearly. My brain has no space to be filled with all these contradictory opinions. I don’t need that to fill my head. Because if my head is full of all that stuff – where is the room for God?

Yet because I know God I know this:

God has a view on peace in the Middle East. God has a view on everything as far as I know. God is really opinionated. Everything has a yes or no answer. Everything is black and white. Everything is simple. He is the most opinionated friend I have come across. Ever. The more I read, the more I hear, the more I experience, the more I find it to be in every part of my life and living … He has an opinion on everything. And if it works for God – how can I know better than Him. Particularly when I am using His name to support my argument?

For He has only one opinion. On everything.


Not the usual love we all know and love so much and do so badly. The “I need” love … “I have rights” love … “God told me so I am collecting” kind of love. Not the “I have given everything and it’s payback time” … nor “I am pure you are not” … not even “it’s my turn – God says so” kind of love. Not the usual needy and need-full love we all know.

This is God Love.

An unusual kind of love. A need less kind of love. The love God has always shown. The love God always shows. To everyone. No matter where the semen came from or goes. No matter the history. No matter the evidence. No matter the cleverness. Love without any need at all. No need. That kind of God Love.

And yes, millions have died. Death is a weapon. Killing a tool. Sophisticated and clever and barbaric killing something at which we have become experts. And yes, the cost of that pain is horrendous. Living with that knowledge a terrible burden. The natural instinct is to hit back. Redress the imbalance. Make it stop. All the injustice. All the pain. None of that need is wrong. None of that instinct wrong. It is human – and we are human.

Yet nor is it right. Nor does it give rights. Not unless it is if of need. And where love or motivation is of need – then God is pushed out. We have no room left for Him.

So when we fight and war-monger in the name of God. When we count the deaths and the pain and the hurt. When we need to redress the balance by might and technology and more deaths. When we need to blame and claim the High Moral Ground. When we need God on our side to win an argument – to pass judgement on “them” (whoever them happens to be) – to raise money for “us” so we can win against them – so we can strike back and negotiate from might – we need them to “get it” and let us win on our terms …. all of that is entirely human and forgivable.

Yet when I am tempted to need God on my side … particularly when I fight in His name – whether that name be Yahweh, Allah, Buddha, or any names we “need” and have named Him to be … I look to God Jesus and that unusual Love.

And today I read that phrase above “to learn, re-learn, over-learn every single time, and the reason is quite simple” and the words that followed. And got a God Bump.

I am no expert here. Not on the Middle East Problem. Which is why I know that so long as we need of others – of God – we will never learn, re-learn or over-learn. And there will be no peace.

Just a lot of elephants in the room. And a lot more deaths. On all sides.

God made it so very simple. It is always about Love less need … now what is the confusion?


12 thoughts on “Elephants in the room

  1. So true.
    While watching depictions of Biblical events last week it did remind me that people have been crazy over God for centuries. Now if we could only get people to be crazy FOR God and that love he commands…


  2. “God has a view on everything as far as I know. God is really opinionated.” I really like that statement. I camped on it for a minute until I wondered if it should be called opinionated if you are 100% right. I don’t know, just me being curious.


    • That’s the good thing about camping. An intent minute of reflection is a wonder! 🙂

      (For some reason your comment triggered a whole bunch of wordplay that just came across as “clever” without soul. So I went off, wrote today’s words and came back with the ocean air in my hair. Hope there is a bit more soul second time around)


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