Until they stop twitching

Need some help here.

You know your bible?
Is it okay to use like ammunition?
You know what I mean …

Like a box of shells:
Fire a verse
Reload with another
Keep them vermin in our sights
Keep reloading and firing until they
Stop twitching.
Whoop with righteous joy –
Plugged another of them varmits

I keep having ricochets whine past my ear
Keep having fragments draw blood – not for you –
Blood for them!
And it stings!
And I keep seeing others felled right in front of me
Dead. Dead to you. Dead to each other.
Sometimes it feels like a massacre.

If this is what you mean by spiritual “warfare” –
Mark me down as a pacifist – I have my white feather.

Cos I don’t want to get shot
Not “die for them” – not kill “for them”
Not anything for “them”.
These trigger happy “lock and load” more verses types –
Because they scare the crap out of me.

And it’s hard to love you. It’s hard to hear you. It’s hard to do anything. It’s always a heavy yoke when I am crapping myself.

Can you tell them God? To lay down their arms. Stop killing things – each other – me – You.

Please God? For me?


7 thoughts on “Until they stop twitching

  1. This is brilliant. It stings with truth, but it should. God’s love was never meant to be a weapon. Disciples were never meant to be made in front of a firing squad. Bless you for this. I consider it an honor to call you a brother in Christ.


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