We have enough faith

Coming to the verses offered today by SacredSpace (http://www.sacredspace.ie) … the feeding of the five thousand (loaves and fishes ex-full baskets afterwards … John 6:1-11), I was reading through … reflecting … imagining the young boy’s suppressed annoyance … his frown outside … his “That’s mine! Me mam made it!! Give it back!!!!” inside … that kind of thing ….

And a thought entered my head.

There are no “current day” miracles like Jesus Miracles. I hear about the hallelujah, hands on, sweaty brow, gotta work real hard cos “He did it for Me” kinda look at me performance stories. But no “Jesus Miracles” anymore.

The stylish, effortless, role model kind. Not anymore. And maybe that’s why we have lost our way. Lost so much credibility. Maybe that was why Jesus made such a stir. He was the Miracle Meister!

But there is only one JC. He could pull a crowd. Some preaching and some Jesus Miracles – they were real crackers!! If we could but do that today … Wow!!

And then another thought entered my head.

A memory of something I read recently. And I found it. And the reason I tracked this one down? This is not BCJ stuff, nor even Jesus Miracles stuff … this is deffo PCJ (post-Christ Jesus) stuff.

Then Peter said, “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.” Taking him by the right hand, he helped him up, and instantly the man’s feet and ankles became strong. He jumped to his feet and began to walk. Acts3:6-8

There is no Jesus.

Peter and John are heading to the temple for afternoon prayer time. So this is deffo PCJ time. And yet … a Jesus Miracle! No sweaty brows, no hype, no huffing, no hallelujahs. Just a look in the eye. A firm hand. And a few words. A Jesus Miracle role model miracle: same modus operandi (almost) … bona fide … genuine article … PCJ Jesus Miracle … without Jesus in the ring.

(read the whole thing : McDaniels Gyamfi: http://graceology.org/2014/04/28/clothed-in-perma-glory/)

And then He asked me a question.

“Just what is the difference between you and them, Paul?”

And you want to know my answer?

“I need more faith Lord”


Reality check: I – paulfg – do not believe I have enough faith “to do that”. I just know I am gonna fail and look stupid!

And – He waited quietly – until I had stopped feeling sorry for myself, and then He gently and lovingly walked me though a few home truths:

Peter and John … they saw, they walked, they fell down, they got back up, they got it wrong, they got it right, they argued and bitched, they ran around serving and watching, they prayed and they slept (at the wrong times usually), they denied and they fled. They weren’t Jesus. They were you and me. Always with an excuse.

Then they wrote. Then they preached (still seeing similarities here). They are still us. And – yes – they also did that “I need more faith” thing … even when Jesus was with them. More similarities. So much of it just like you and me.

And then we differ.

Because post Jesus Christ … they got it …and we don’t. Not like the boys got it:

“We have “enough” faith – just an even greater faith – of looking stupid.”

Fear of looking stupid. Oh boy, and we are so good at wrapping that fear up in righteous labels and fluff and sweaty brows and mournful looks and all that sackcloth and ashes stuff – just so we can kid ourselves it is not us. It really isn’t that simple God. Honest.

But you know what (“type faster Paul, type faster!)?

It is not “sin”, nor is it “evil.” There is no holy and righteous and saintly wrapping paper to hand.

It is simple fear. Fear of looking Stupid. To others like us.

Fear of looking at someone just like this crippled chap … looking him straight in the eye, offering him a firm hand, and saying: “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.” And nothing happens. And we look stupid. And our ego is crushed. And God has let us down. And is not Real. And we look stupid. To others just like us.

We have enough faith.

And that “almost the same modus operandi” comment above?

Jesus needed us.

Jesus needed us to flick our own “faith” switch to ON. Every time. (check it out – others have and I thank them – Little Monk: http://sharethecoffee.wordpress.com/ – for sharing their own research and wonder at their findings of “Jesus Miracles”)

God Jesus needs us – to let God Jesus – flow in us. Just like electricity and the on/off switch.

And all we “need to do” (He is smiling, chuckling and slapping my back right now as I type this!) is to NOT flick the faith switch to OFF. Because sitting here writing, tapping out thoughts, communing and relationship-ing … Faith is Flowing. Or else He would not be real to me (or slapping my back quite so hard!!).

“I need more faith Lord” WRONG ANSWER

Just leave my/your faith switch ON so Faith may Flow from Him “through you” to another whose faith switch we turn on – just as Peter and John did that PCJ day. Just like the boys did. Like I can. Like you can.

Because unless we believe we can do that … are we really walking the walk … or just “talking the talk”? Like so many of the bible peeps who came to Jesus and walked away again. The ones we judge as being different to us. The ones with not enough faith. Not like us.

How different are we really? Doesn’t that make us … “them”?

All those poor lost souls. The “unbelievers” “lost world” “sinners” “not of faith yet” we keep targeting with bible warfare.

PCJ those Jesus Miracles really did happen.

Now ain’t that a thought!


25 thoughts on “We have enough faith

  1. I have no answer, but I have always wondered about this issue. It is easy to take the PCJ miracles in Acts and say, “but wait, they had a super anointing, the original receivers of the HS.” But I have trouble buying that this group of humans was elevated in ability while we can’t be. Interesting point, Paul. Leaving my switch on today.

  2. Great post Paul. We have the same Holy Spirit who indwelled the early believers just as powerful and mighty as ever. In the early church though He did operate through them somewhat differently than He does today in some areas. We have The completed Word as well.

  3. I think you are right! We have the same Spirit they had… and we have the benefit of almost 2,000 years of examples, of experience, of the “right way” and the “wrong way” of doing things, not to mention easy access to the lessons of Scripture. Yet amazing things are going on all around us any time we’d care to take notice of them.

    • So Don, this has been on mind all morning: if I was able to keep the faith switch on and the fear switch off – would be it be “test” me, God, this theory – and would then all get in the way and flick the faith switch off. Because the thought of “going for it” still has – weirdly now I face it without any fluff – a ton of baggage attached.

      Yet … I have had personal experience of that faith switch staying on when (compared to this discussion) it is all very “small fry” and personal and private in my mind. Glad to see from the comments here I am not alone! 🙂

      • Paul, every single one of us has this issue, just like you. I just scheduled a post for tomorrow that does it for me; could I be as strong as Paul? Yikes!

        As for the baggage, I hope you know that all of us have that, too.Yes, every single one of us has baggage. The question is really this: How long am I going to carry it around with me?

        I can only speak for myself, but I usually do better when I leave it in the car and go off on my adventure without it. In fact, if I lock it up in the cellar, everything is better, and my back doesn’t hurt so much either; that crap gets pretty heavy! 🙂

  4. What a great thought to start by day. I will make sure my faith switch is ON as I head out into the world today.This is a very timely post for me today so, thank you! We do have the power. But do we always have the presence of mind to activate it under the glaring eyes of others?

    • Lilka – the more I “think this through” the more I remember very tiny examples where my need was so great for his help – that there was no room for any doubts. And then I transfer that to a need in others – and the “thinking” and baggage take over again! I “know” – but do I “believe”. Hmmmm ….

  5. Great post! I like what you say. My husband and I talk often that we want “New Jesus Stories” when we talk to people – new testimonies. We do need that switch to be on all the time. As best we can. Open the “churches” up to the unsaved again so they find Him. 😀 He hasn’t moved, He is not LOST – we are – if the switch is off…… ;D

    • Cate – thank you. Think I need a piece of pie and a cuppa whilst I think this one through!! 🙂

      Not the concept, not the switch – simply the reality. I hear prayer after prayer after prayer (and pray so often myself)… God please, please God, if it is your will God – and am starting to wonder if we have “switched ourselves off”.

      You want a New Jesus Story? I am left in wonder so often – He keeps pulling these words onto a page – and I haven’t got the answers to the words I am typing. Go figure that one – I can’t 🙂

  6. I LOVE this, Paul. I love taking part in your spiritual journey and watching the inner-workings of your electrifying mind. Again, you have blessed us with such a fine analogy of the “on/off” switch of faith. I’ve heard many churches speak of being “plugged in” to God but your comparison works because of its truth implications.

    Yes, we can be plugged in to God, but if we don’t flip the switch to “on”, then the energy won’t flow from the Source directly into us. It’s as if we are wasting the possibilities of the music of His Word, and the light of His Truth, and the warmth of His arms. We are missing His power. We have to flip the switch. We have to take responsibility and own the choice.

    Today, Paul, I choose to allow God to flow through me so He can change me. Total and complete change. A miraculously electrifying transformation.

    Thank you so very much. You inspire me.

    • Heather, thank you. Your comments – as always – ping thoughts and different sparks in me, in so many different directions.

      Your “take responsibility and own the choice” in this has been on my mind here. Sort of like having an all dancing, all singing, way top spec, millionaires row computer set-up – free and gratis. And I get all gooey and wowee. Babble on to others – yet never “use it” for what it is intended. Never switch it on because I would have to do something scary and real if I did.

      That kind of pinging. All sorts of different directions! 🙂

  7. Paul, I am inspired by your ponderings, the way you write about God. You cause me to think more deeply about these issues. I hear about these kinds of miracles happening in developing countries where followers Jesus still have an innocent faith devoid of skepticism, cynicism, fear and doubt. Perhaps that’s the baggage our “first world” has so unceremoniously heaped upon us, item by item, until we can no longer bear the weight.

  8. I found that some of the miracles Jesus did was found in the OT (Elijah, Elisha etc) so when Jesus said He didn’t come to change but manifest what was before: me thinking….hmmm. all things are possible. Yes it is. Nothing holding me back. vw

    • VW, your comment has been on my mind overnight. Before switching out the light, I looked for anything to expand your words – ansd came back with a blank.

      Got up this morning and today’s verses make me think the lord wants to hold station on this “Faith Flow” thought – look a little more at why we seem to think it is outside the jobspec for us “mere mortals”.

      So – as I am dwelling, I got the sense you have an important contribution – beyond my reach or understanding. I would relish the chance to run around the OT words and verses. Care to share?

      • VW, thank you. Your words and bible references are important. Maybe not the answers or meanings as you would know them. Yet you have allowed me and him to see this from a different angle.

        Pre-Jesus, Jesus, post-Jesus … I think I have missed the point completely. And now with your verses and thoughts, just maybe I am beginning to “get it”.

        There is a part three under construction as I type this. And that, for me, is a surprise. Shouldn’t be – he keeps on revealing stuff.

        So thank you. He is working and I am listening. Again.

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