I Don’t Do Miracles – We Have Enough Faith III

“Sad Love” was how the previous conversation ended.

As with so much god stuff, I have not felt good about learning that is me. Nor has god brought daily living to a pause while he fixes this for me. We just carry on loving – just with me feeling less adequate than before.

And during a quiet moment last night, I was pondering a response from VWoods1212:
“I found that some of the miracles Jesus did was found in the OT (Elijah, Elisha etc) so when Jesus said He didn’t come to change but manifest what was before: me thinking….hmmm. all things are possible. Yes it is. Nothing holding me back.
Start with 2 Kings 4:42-44 (multiplication of bread for individuals); 2 Kings 5:1-27 (healing following instruction of a prophet).”

VW is a CoolKat – an initials only/one word reply kind of dude. So when she uses words I listen.

So I read, I pondered, I googled. And was finding numbers. Elijah 8, Elisha 16. Links with Jesus on miracles done by the OT guys and “repeated” or fulfilled by Jesus. Linkage, numbers, size, greatness, who did the biggest, is it Holy Spirit led, is it still available to me …

And as I was meandering around, the Lord tapped me on the shoulder: “What exactly is a miracle, Paul?”

Now Lord – I might be thick, but not that thick – come on!!

Yet when he asks a question, I know there is a reason. The wrong end of the stick kind of reason. Stick, thick (Heather – another word pairing for you)

Still muttering to myself, off I went to google again:

“An extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency …” (Ref 1 below)

Well that was fine, but it wasn’t enough for me. I wanted a definition of the biggie miracles. The proper ones I can’t do – my “moment of truth” panic ones:

“… only the most interesting or significant of these stories was ever going to be re-told. That this is the case can be seen in the Gospel of John. For the miracles recorded there were ‘edited’ and ‘selected’ and finally written down by him, for the purpose of leading people to faith in Jesus …” (Ref 2 below)

And that little light bulb – the one I thought had been shining bright all along? It suddenly switched on. And as it did, the lord spoke again:

God: “Paul, I just want to check your thinking thus far – the short version: “I need more faith to do miracles – because miracles are big and what you do for others.””
Me: Lord, would you mind if I rewrote that? Sounds a tad harsh, because already I am …
(and then this)
God: “Have I done something for you not explained by logic?”
Me: “Yes.”
God: “Do you have any examples?”
Me: “Oh yes – quite a few.”
God: “Have you ever shared those examples with others?”
Me: “Yes – sometimes.”
God: “And what was their response?”
Me: “They said: “That is amazing, that is a … …”
God: “… … miracle?”
(at this point there was a very long pause)
Me: “Crap!”
(his timing is perfect!)
God: “Oh goody! Well done you! Glad we sorted this little confusion :-)”

That straight path, the tricky one, that small door path?

Miracles have been happening pre-Jesus, pre-Holy Spirit, Jesus time, post-Jesus time, all the time since the beginning. Miracles are not of a Jesus. Miracles are of God – Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit – Eternity and God are One – Faith and God are One – I Am of One.

Miracles are not “Super Miracles” – super miracles are just “miracles”.

So when “I need more faith” (WRONG!), so I can do “proper miracles” (WRONG!) because little ones don’t count (WRONG!), so I can “save the world for God” (WRONG!) because that is a miracle (Wrong … Wrong … Wrong) – then I have it … WRONG!.

Miracles are miracles. Faith is faith. Size does not matter. A miracles just is. Faith just is. Love just is. God just is.

And this “moment of truth” moment of doubt I have stalled over?

When “I want to do” a miracle – a super-sized biggie? It ain’t NEVER gonna happen that way!

On a good day – I won’t even know. I won’t even be thinking supersize. I will be plodding around as usual … listening as usual – being guided as usual … and He will suggest as usual … and I will follow as usual.

Or (on a normal day) – I will be panicking. Presented with something I can’t handle – begging – not thinking straight – not seeing straight – and he will deliver. And I will be so grateful as I hyperventilate. On a normal day. Because that how it is with me and my god.

And afterwards? Hindsight in others may see “God and a Miracle”. And – if it is a good day (and I have the right end of the stick) – even I might recognise something amazing. And even I might call it a miracle (because I have missed them happening thus far in my life!).

God is not “moments of truth” – He is not about tests – He is not about pass/fail. He is about suggesting. Me hearing or seeing or knowing. Me choosing to follow. And whatever happens “just happens” (usually a complete surprise in my case). Because that’s how it is with God:


Thank you God, thank you guys, thank you the bible guys! I don’t do miracles. I just listen and follow. On a good day.

(Ref 1 above: http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/miracle

(Ref 2 above: http://www.thatreligiousstudieswebsite.com/Religious_Studies/Phil_of_Rel/Miracles/miracles_bible.php)


30 thoughts on “I Don’t Do Miracles – We Have Enough Faith III

  1. Great thought on this subject. Just yesterday I was thinking on the subject in a little different light but still on miracles. Most are looking for huge miracles done on a grand scale. It’s recorded in what we read that He always performed individual miracles, and in most cases there was no big fanfare made of it. He cared individually for people. Today He is still working within our lives but unless it is something that’s considered a real biggee He doesn’t get the same credit as we give Him for the Bible miracles. He is always working whether we realize it or not.


    • Levi, thank you. I was left wondering this: who invented the word “miracle”? Us or God? Only because, in our little conversation, “stuff” he does in my life I regard as Him and me being “Him and me”. Nothing to write home about – other than to share in wonder. So I wonder whether the bible guys even used this word “miracle” about their own “god stuff”. Or was it others who listened and exclaimed “It’s a miracle! Hallelujah!” God be praised!” And then some one thought – that is a biggie! Gotta share that one. Now, where did I put my laptop …


      • Paul, it is a biblical word. But the word today is totally misused. These were truly miraculous events so that all knew for certain that Jesus was God. They were conformations of it.


      • Levi – thank you for that. There are number of biblical words I use rarely. Miracles is now on that list. Only for my benefit. Too hardwired for using a ruler when that words pops up. “God Stuff” might not be biblical, but has a whole heap of god attached to it in my head. My only remaining thought: was the word “miracle” invented (and done) pre-Jesus? If so … 🙂


  2. I never imagined God saying “goody”, but I can overlook that. I totally agree that we’ve seen miracles, too often they are brushed off as coincidence and such, but the believer should know better. God’s hand is all over us and all we do, it is up to us to recognize it. Good stuff.


    • Mark – when you have Jesus rolling up in the batmobile – “goody” is a very quiet day! 🙂

      As mentioned to Levi – the whole “miracle” concept is up in the air in my head/relationship right now. It may settle, or it may fly away. I trust Him.

      Thank you.


  3. I love this! Yes sir, God is a busy guy, He’s working all around us. Maybe He’s so busy and doing things so often we don’t notice what’s actually happening, maybe we think the miraculous is normal. Wait! For God it IS normal!


    • “For God it is normal” – love that thought! And so true. I breathe I miracle-ise I breathe.

      When I was writing this post – I had a picture of Moses getting to the Red Sea (that would have been a panicking kind of day for him I guess – “What do I do here!! Help!!” Kind of panic). And then as they were trundling across – I can imagine Moses going: “Okay you did it, still hyperventilating here God – still puffed out here!! This mud is hell!! Any chance of less mud God? Wow – so puffed out!! Where’s my inhaler?? Oh by the way … forgot … thanks God! Oh man – am I sweating buckets or am I sweating buckets!”

      Miracle? Not right then. No moment of truth or doubt. Just a bible guy muddling through like the rest of us. Maybe.


  4. “Miracles are miracles. Faith is faith. Size does not matter. A miracles just is. Faith just is. Love just is. God just is.” – I don’t think God sweats in the healing of the crippled or the blind and neither do I believe that comforting a wounded soul as itsy-bitsy in God’s operation. Everything God does is awesome, big and beautiful, but its our reaction to the acts of God that needs an adjustment. I consider everyday as a miracle…Jesus said my Father has been working until now and I also work. We just need to anticipate, receive, and share of His wonders.
    I always love a great dialogue with God….the questioning, the probing, the curiosity, and how He answers questions with simplicity and humor. Thanks for always making God personal

    Warm Regards
    McDaniels Gyamfi


    • Sorry McD – just realised I had added this comment as a new comment rather than a reply!

      “itsy-bitsy” – just LOVE that one! McD that so sums up the “miracle scale” I have been imposing. Because – on reflection after he and I talked – my vocab is going to exclude “miracle” – and be replaced with “god stuff”. Only because I am so hardwired with the label of “miracle” I am not sure I will ever stop the counting/measuring/assessing. And for me, God Stuff has none of that – like all of this – it “just is”.

      “its our reaction to the acts of God that needs an adjustment” – and that will be my adjustment. Take out the ruler – and with it the rules. Instead a lot of “God Stuff” ALL of which is awesome ALL the time!! It’s another Mi… GOD STUFF!!!

      Thank you for changing the way I speak (and think!) 🙂

      Reply ↓

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      • I think we all need an adjustments. With each passing minute, the curious in heart are redefining Christianity. Your blog is the perfect example; changing the way we think and speak. Blessings!!


      • Dear McD: “the curious in heart are redefining Christianity” – just a very sincere “wow” at that phrase! What power that brings – wow!


  5. God is all powerful. God is Love. If we want to be powerful for God we, need to let the Love of God flow through us.
    Physical miracles are temporary, spiritual miracles are eternal. When Jesus healed the lepers, he was demonstrating spiritual matters in the physical. The outwardly unclean “leper” he said “be clean” He came to make us spiritual clean. And, Paul lost his sight so that he could see truth.
    Paul, the big miracles are the eternal ones. They are the ones that edify, renew, and bring restoration to a person spirit. Paul, the love of God flows through you so beautifully. Through your words you touch others for the Lord. I know because you have done this for me. The big miracles the eternal kind.

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    • This “God stuff” or miracles or any word we use – always comes back to Love. What I find really odd – and very special – is the endless patience and affection throughout. God doesn’t do obedience, God does empowerment, God does Love. If any of the God Stuff he and I work through touches another – then wow Denine! I never saw it that way. Thank you. Your words mean so much. They connect so much.

      And I am getting to know him much better now. And I am “getting me” a little better as well. He will be there waiting for me on the other side of yet another confsuion I have yet to bump into – and we will enjoy each other’s company doing this all over again. I never thought of these muddles and bumps being more than that.

      So if they touch anyone at all – then I very glad he keeps me from thinking about it. And so glad he keeps me focused on him and me. Muddling our way forwards together. That’s the fun stuff! 🙂


      • “Muddling and bumping” the fun stuff the real stuff. He is so amazing and your twos relationship inspiringly.


      • Denine – those two words: I am chuckling here.

        God: “What are your ambitions with me and your faith, Paul?”
        Me: “Well … changing the world … knowing you better than anyone … bringing others to see you for who you are … big stuff, important stuff …”
        God: “I like your ambition … I have a suggestion: how about we muddle and bump along together?”
        Me: “Muddle and bump? That’s it? Muddling and bumping … how does that work then God? How is that “work”?”
        God: “You want to work? Where is the fun in that, young Paul?”

        Doh!! 🙂

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  6. When we simply obey God as directed He often uses us to facilitate miracles. They may not appear as miracles to you or me at the time, yet to the affected person a kindness we show or a timely gift may be an answer to a prayer.
    I’ve experiences huge life saving miracles and smaller thank you God for reminding me you care about the small things miracles as well.
    Our perception of miracles can be relative. You may be trying to feed five thousand yet the meal you provide to someone homeless and hungry is just as miraculous for that person.

    You’ve been doing miracles all along, YOU just weren’t aware of it! 🙂


    • Lilka – took me a while to “get it”. That old perception and relative stuff. You are so right. And I hope that confusion on my part never changes. I look to him and enjoy so much “not knowing” and yet knowing. Not being sidetracked in “performing” for him (or me to be accurate). Trying to second-guess what will impress him (like I really could do that!!). Awareness of him always. Outside of that? I kinda like the thought that outside of that is his territory. Which makes it very simple again!

      (just got to remember that “simple” word a little more often) 🙂


  7. My apologies for being behind but I’ve had jury duty all week. Double shot espresso UGH!

    “Stick/thick”…yes, I like that very much! I shall ponder that for a bit, dear friend. And perhaps because I am thinking of “thick” in food terms right now (thick piece of pie, thick, juicy steak, etc.), it might help explain my following thoughts.

    Paul, your words are always filled with the richest treats. I delight in watching you work “in the kitchen” with God. You begin with an idea for a meal and God tells you which ingredients to add to make the recipe one to pass on to future generations. This “miracle” meal you set out to prepare looked and tasted nothing like the picture in your head. God shared with you to show you a much more deeply satisfying miracle meal.

    And isn’t that, in and of itself, a miracle? That He can still change us and morph us…after all these years? Just when we think we’ve understood a passage, He whispers in a dash of this and a sprinkle of that to make us taste the passage in a whole new way.

    I imagine you saying to Him, “Really, God? Cardamon? In Ezekiel? Wouldn’t thyme be more appropriate?”

    And God replies, “Just trust me.”

    And you do. Always.

    So thank you for letting me partake in your journey with Him. It’s a feast I wouldn’t miss.


    • Good morning Heather. Apologies? Now that is a totally superfluous word here! Yet simply given and wonderfully accepted as nothing other than what is sublime here amongst us all! Thank you.

      Your paintings and pictures – as always – fire the connections and community of all our words. And always God in the middle. The source. This little meander around “miracle” – it may well be as you say. For I am left with a wonder that he spends this time – so much time – so much patience – so much affection – just for me. Never rushed. Never demanding. Always intriguing and always loving. Whether that be a miracle or some very special god stuff – I am simply glad He chose me!

      And you.



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