Words Don’t Come Easy

Words don’t come easy? Sorry to disagree with you F.R. David – yes they do come easy. Words are really easy. We think them all the time. We hear them in our heads all the time. We talk to ourselves all the time.

Words are not very easy when I want to:
* Say words you understand (say stuff so you will agree with me)
* Say words that won’t hurt you (say stuff so you will agree with me)
* Say words the right way (say stuff so you will agree with me)

That don’t come easy. That is the tricky bit. Because you see what I do, you see who I am, you hear my words. And you filter. I filter. We all filter. Censor. Edit. Manage these words to fit the picture of ourselves. Manage words to fit my picture of you. In our heads. On the page. Out loud to others. Whether we speak or listen. Whether we speak, use a keyboard, a picture, a song, a sound a touch, a smell. Whether we listen, or read, or touch, or smell.

We all filter – what goes from us – what comes at us.

We are all experts – at making things fit. Ignoring stuff that doesn’t. Changing stuff so it does. Ignoring stuff we cannot change. Stuff that clogs our filtration machines – little spanners in the works – tucking them away out of sight – or hurling them back.

Again his Jewish opponents picked up stones to stone him, but Jesus said to them, “I have shown you many good works from the Father. For which of these do you stone me?” “We are not stoning you for any good work,” they replied, “but for blasphemy, because you, a mere man, claim to be God.” John 10:31a-33

That is when “words don’t come easy” really means:

We hear your words, we just don’t like your words, we know what you mean, you mean we should drop all the “stuff” we cling to, all the “stuff” we want for ourselves, all the “stuff” we have built our lives around, all the “stuff” we put up with, suffer for, yearn for, have it written and prophesied will be ours – all that “stuff” – we know what you mean – BUT we have rights – and we will NOT put down all that stuff. Not for you..

Words do come easy. It is Love that don’t come easy.

Love means not having much stuff worth keeping hold of. Not having much need to “be who I am right now.” Not having a filtration machine working overtime all the time. Not having to make things fit my need. Love means simple. No filtering. No terms:

I may have to spend some time helping you get it – you probably won’t agree with me first time around – and you may say stuff that challenges who I need to be right now – and I really can’t be bothered – not helping you – and not having you make me think about me – so no point in even starting this – but I love you – trust me – I love you

Love, with conditions, don’t come easy. Where “terms” are involved – nothing ever is.

God Jesus?

No terms. No demands. No stuff to keep hold of. No “I need to be me right now.”

Now ain’t that something worth aiming for right now? With me and my neighbour. With me and my mirror? With me and my God?


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