Even in the milliseconds

The birds and bees, the river and trees, the dogs and fleas, the sun and sky, we know not how high … only God …

God is a Nature Boy. Out there is the wide open spaces. The growing stuff, The natural stuff.

The chips and bytes, the RAM and megabyte, the upload/download and gigabyte, the net and terrabyte, we know not how that all works … not even God …

God is a Nature Boy. Jesus is a Simple Boy. Not equipped for the overheated microsized world of Silicon Valley.

BUT we are – we are the Masters of the MicroChip! I can sit here at my keyboard. My God can sit with me. My God can tap me on the shoulder. We are good together He and I. And when the words are done and we both agree and I press the SEND button …

God and me? We are done.

Masters of the MicroChip take over. Techno Boys take over and whizz our words around the globe. Because that stuff is way above God’s paygrade. All that techie stuff. When it works or goes wrong? That is manmade Helpdesk stuff. Call a Techie Boy.

Because when the computer crashes – I don’t look over my shoulder to see why He has intervened. I curse a little, reboot a little, slap it around a little (on a bad day), and vow to get rid of this piece of junk and replace it with something that works.

And then I always feel guilty.

Firstly because I have turned to “me” not “god”.

And (way more importantly!) because you shouldn’t swear in front of God (just like I never swore in front of my parents). Like I try not to swear in front of others. In case they think I am bad Christian. From what I have seen I am not unique in this eternal dilemma. The eternal problem being that god is everywhere (apart from computers) all the time! Which can be a real bummer when you want to let loose!

I usually let loose and cope with feeling guilty. It’s a me kind of thing.

Two things have happened over the past two days. Made me reassess whether God is just a simple Nature Boy.

First was a sequence of conversations and writings connected only by the technology of computers and skype and the internet world. Without any conscious awareness on my part that bunch of unrelated stuff was a “sequence.” The kind of thing you look at (afterwards) and go “Wow – how do you do that God?”

The second was an unexpected shutdown and reboot of my computer at a key moment.

In the first I saw God. And was in awe.

In the second I swore. And was in frustration. And then – as the hardware rebooted slowly – I saw God. And was in awe.

Three things I take from this.

a) God loves Tech as much as He loves Nature. God’s finger is in nature and all the wonders we feel as a breeze, a rustling leaf, a fallen branch, a blooming blossom … And God’s finger is in microchips, harddrive sectors, millisecond processing, server farms, the “cloud” (!!) …

b) God knows way more swear words than I do!!

c) God “is” – everywhere – all the time – in everything.

Because when my computer crashed this morning? I was reading through and researching a blog I have found to be increasingly insidious. Insinuating a train of thought through others’ blog. Through others’ thinking. Through others’ relationship with their god. I have seen this particular seeding on the increase. And I have seen others’ responses of thanks and gratitude. The seeding is “age appropriate” and publicly of God. Yet …

And as I researched more and more, I wondered if I had been a little harsh. A little judgemental. A little too much “me”. Not enough “God”. Not enough Love. And just as that thought was being seeded ….

My computer crashed.

And after I swore a little. I got that tap on the shoulder.

Only he knows what he is protecting me from today. It may be that this blog is indeed insidious. End of.

Or … it may be that I am not yet ready to understand why this blog is of God and I haven’t seen that yet. It may be that my faith and Him don’t need this in our lives right now. It may be that he considers it to be a distraction. He knows. I don’t.

And – as I can only be with him in the present – it is enough.

God is not Nature Boy. God is God. Everywhere all the time in everything. Always in the moment. Even in the milliseconds.


6 thoughts on “Even in the milliseconds

  1. Who caused the reboot? Was it God because you were distracted, or the enemy because you were onto something he wants to protect? Many layers in your dilema. God is God, of all.


    • Mark – that is one cool thought! And adds a few more I hadn’t included. Hmmmm …. thank you. Gonna park that at the back of my head and see what He does with your contribution. Sort of a laid-back picnic pondering!! 🙂


  2. God definitely loves tech! I will readily admit my reading of The Bible increased exponentially with the ready access on my ipad (which was practically with me all the time). Tech has allowed me to find blogs such as this that shake it up a little and make me think harder and longer about about what I think I “know.” Bible studies. The Word in several versions. Pod casts for inspiration. God is in it all! From blooming buds or gigabytes He reveals Himself to us!

    I agree with Mark’s comment above. I’ve had my computer crashes occur in both situations. Probably most often as a deterrent from doing something God was instructing me to do on the computer at the time. I just rebooted (slowly) and continued.

    I’ve also had tech failures when I was wasting time and not doing what He wanted. God can bring my procrastination to a harsh and quick end as needed.


    • What a lovely set of thoughts Lilka – thank you.

      Never before thought it might anything other than the lord – slowing me down, disagreeing, etc.

      Pondering this new dimension you have also stated. To both you and Mark – thank you. That has been a very valuable “enemy” perspective I merrily missed (all my life). Picnic pondering continuing!

      And the bible in zillions of versions? Now ain’t that just the best!


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