You can’t do that on the phone either

“We are experiencing a high number of calls right now. If you prefer not to hold for an operator, please …”

“There is no one here right now, so please leave a message after the tone …”

“You are at queue position number ?? …”

“Press 1 for ??, press 2 for ??, press 3 for ?? … press 9 to listen to these options again.”

We only call some organisation when we want something. And get used to the organisation wanting to take our call – in the cheapest way possible. A way that allows them to monitor how good they are at customer service. That allows them to cost customer service. So it doesn’t cost too much to talk to us. They have to make a profit you know.

(and they really do – no profit no business – no point in calling – they are not there)

Has similarities with prayer. Has similarities with the God Switchboard.

There are some who spend ages on the phone. Some who prefer not hang around at all. And some who haven’t yet figured out how the whole phone malarkey works.

As I was chatting with him this morning, we paused on something. One of those great mysteries. Like how does Santa Claus get around the entire world in one evening and back to the North Pole before we awaken. That kind of mystery.

You ever find that when you are talking with a friend? One topic spins off to an entirely different one – and you cannot remember how?

(we were discussing “John 14:1-6” – and things kind of took their own course)

So the great mystery we threw around was “How does God have time for each one of us?” Hence the Santa comparison.

And then the prayer conundrum. The God Switchboard route we use to get through to him. When we need sales, or customer services, or the helpdesk, or the complaints department. Very occasionally even demanding to speak to the CEO!

As we kicked this around today seemed like the answer to this Great Mystery wasn’t mysterious at all.

God has so much time for each of us – because so few of us allow Him to connect with us. It is our switchboard he struggles with. Our call routing systems. Our different departments. Our constantly switched-on “there is no one here in the moment” message.

We are all so busy worrying about the future, trying to reinvent the past, planning the next shopping list for him, looking for evidence for faith, feeling sorry for ourselves, watching each other, ,,, all that stuff … That He cannot be with us.

Because we are never in the moment. We are always off in the future, or the past, or deep within our own belly-buttons – auditing the belly-button-fluff stocks.

The answer to the Great Mystery? There is no mystery.

He always has plenty of time – mostly going spare. No queuing at all.

God’s “in the moment” department is the dustiest, quietest, most underused department of all.

Where he sits. And waits.

For me. And you.

The saddest bit this morning?

You ever done a high-five in sadness? That half-hearted – “yep that’s the way it is” kind of high-five? Want to know something?

You can’t do that on the phone either.


“No phone needed, no e-mails, just a whisper” –


18 thoughts on “You can’t do that on the phone either

  1. Very convicting. I’ve fumed about the routing of customer service calls, never thought about it that Gods sitting waiting for me to pick up the line. Motivating.

    • Thanks Lilka – over here we have a gloriously sunny weekend ahead of us. Might just head out to the garden and leave the ansaphone on!! 🙂

    • McDaniels – a welcome guffaw reading your comment – thank you!

      We have a mini-heatwave this weekend. For the UK that means the back garden (what we call a “yard”) … bbqs … ice cream … and LOTS of pasty white flesh going very bright red!

      Wonderful!! 🙂

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