The excreta of love

Little Monk is planning to conquer Mars.

Quite a cool plan seeing as it is stuffed with the Lost World right now. Chock-a-block full of you and I wandering around looking lost. Waiting for God to come into their lives. Not!!!!!

There must be a point to LM’s post – there always is. And I am along for the ride – as always.


Then this morning I awoke to a Pod Cast link from Little Monk. Which brought to mind a picture of excreta. Little poohs left by these “pod creatures” – all ferreting in the barren wastelands of Mars. Are these the Lost World creatures of Mars?

But no. It turns out to be a β€œtape recording” without the tape. Which is most cool.

>>> And at this point I have to declare an interest. I am one who struggles with the β€œmake disciples” clarion call. That caravan of mercenaries. Fired on testosterone. Fuelled by numbers. Looking outwards only to find their next target. And then? Another drive-by spiritual slaughter . I struggle with that unloving and ungodly β€œwork”:

You a sinner? Lock and Load people … lock and load … we have found the enemy!!

And out come the bullets of the bible. Dumdum verses. Machine-gun evangelism. Killing the innocent in the name of Love. In the name of God! I am giving you God !! And once the sinner is no longer twitching?

Mount up people. Our work here is done!

Another notch on the killing machine they call the word of god.

I struggle with that.

>>> And at this point I have to declare another interest. I also struggle with the Righteous Teachers. The self-appointed trustees of God. The ones who know how to keep God safe. How to keep Him safe from you and I. Dictate the relationship I will never truly have.

These verses are poured like soothing honey. A balm. A potion of magic they have been given personally by the lord. To a recipe they have invented. With ingredients boot-legged from someone else. Imitation and fake ingredients. Mixed together and presented as the real thing. I struggle with this unloving and ungodly work as well:

β€œYou are not ready yet, my son. Please reflect upon … (a chosen sample of that great weapons arsenal they call their very own word of god). Please do not imagine you can teach me anything. But please know that God is with you. Please know that God loves you. Because I say so. Because I love God. And you don’t. Not like me.

And when I judge you to be ready, when you have enough faith, when you keep the commandments to my satisfaction? Then I may tell you about how great I am in God’s eyes. Reveal the secret of how to get to Heaven. I may even let you talk to God as I talk to God. Unless I change my mind. Unless another primps my pride more than you.

I struggle with this also.

It is why I love this community so much. Why I love the courage on display daily. Why I want to emulate and know more. Emulate the honesty of seeing another’s question, seeing another’s soul written large on the page, spiritually connecting with another’s love for the lord.

So when LM brings a gift – I jump straight in and start unwrapping.

And heard God. Through another.

Thank you LM. Thank you Pastor Bob. Thank God!!

>>> A final vested interest. Making disciples through long-term relationship? Seems to me is the way God wants us to do his work. To live and breathe and be. To ooze and outflow the indwelling. To be with rather than drive-by. To learn from rather than stand above. To be with … not apart from.

Podcasts? In this context they are the excreta of love! An outflow of love. Wow!!


23 thoughts on “The excreta of love

  1. Wow. I just want to sit here and bask in this warm glow a moment or two.

    But then, the Lord taps my shoulder to remind me that I didn’t do a lick of work on the post so highly vaunted… so… um… ‘no bask for da Little Monk’… We just laugh together instead.

    Thank you, Paul. I’m glad you enjoyed this. It’s just really always seemed to meet that concern you lay out so well in YOUR post!

    Grace – LM

    • Same orchestra. Different notes, different instruments. Same symphony!

      I did some basking in the beautiful notes of Pastor Bob. The ones you brought this morning.

      I think we should all bask!! Thank you πŸ™‚

  2. What you say about “making disciples” might be a true interpretation in some instances, but there otther, much more inclusive ways of making disciples which try to be more open tolistening to God and what he’s trying to say to us. Greetings from Bethlehem!

    • Greetings dusty and sunbaked wanderers! πŸ™‚

      I am honoured that your plugged in whilst travelling the land of bible peeps! Thank you.

      Did the podcast make it to Bethlehem, Keith? For that podcast (I think) is the more “inclusive way” you refer to.

      (I know we will hear all about the sight and smells and sounds when you get back. Very much looking forward to that!!)

      Hugs from a cooler climate!!

  3. “Making disciples through long-term relationship? Seems to me is the way God wants us to do his work. To live and breathe and be. To ooze and outflow the indwelling. To be with rather than drive-by. To learn from rather than stand above.”
    ‘Twas all that needed to be said. You could have posted this gem and had more coffee. Excellent.

  4. Paul, I have to agree with Mark – if we’re not entering into long-term relationships, we’re making converts. I think that might be classified as tossing seed along a pathway. I believe I read that somewhere… πŸ˜‰ And now for another cup a joe!

  5. I haven’t run your links yet but was very touched your response. My stomach hurts at not only the drive by shootings, but especially by those in relationships with another who think they are called to point out imperfections instead of calling forth the grace, the power, the beauty of the Lord poured into His created.

    • Paula, thank you. And I have bumped into so much “pouring” in this community. Connection after connection. None the same. All imperfect, and all adding in our own ways. I find that feeds me more and more. Just like the comments refine and embroider and enhance. Just like your does.

  6. Interesting thought process. I like the use of a word picture that makes one feel messy and uncomfortable. Hence leaving them wounded in the streets and walking over them. You sum things up wonderfully with, “To be with rather than drive-by. To learn from rather than stand above. To be with … not apart from.” Said to the point and beautifully.

    • Lindy (?), thank you. I struggled with “making disciples” for a very long time. And still struggle as you can see here. Only because there seems to be an inbuilt rock star approach. We seem fuelled by numbers – “how many did you bring me?” – being the assumed question. And the answer must be big enough number to impress. Who we are impressing seems less of God and more of rock star.

      • I’m with you in regards to the numbers thing. I still don’t understand this, but I’m not in a position to know how the stats are used, so am careful to try to keep an open mind. I know that as far as numbers go for Jesus, I think he is concerned with us all…😊

  7. Yep slow down and just hang out with someone you don’t even really like. Let the Holy Spirit do the rest. Now there is a book to be written haha. It has always been amazing to me how He can change and mold me and others when I let him pick them and the time frame. I have life long friends that God was abel to mold and grow into a beautiful useful disciple of Christ because I was obedient and let Him pick the person. We had nothing in common . I in turn found out how God gets rid of insecurities and bad character in my life and became a better tool for Gods purpose and will not mine. Wow were did that come from. I have been on sabbatical for a more religious word. Wondering when I might write again. I also have been were there is no internet except when I can find a big hill. Well its not my blog is it Paul. I love what you write from your heart. I feel it. Even if I don’t always comment or post a like. God speed my brother. Pray Gods will in our lives.


    • Wow!! “We had nothing in common” and found we had everything in common. Same as this blog. Copyright is not mine – all are welcome. Everything in common.
      When you are called to sit on top of a big hill a little longer – I relish what will come fluttering across the spiritual internet!!
      Thank you. πŸ™‚

  8. Oh my. I don’t even know where to begin, Paul, as you have presented a veritable buffet of tasty word-morsels.

    I, too, struggle with the idea of “making disciples”. I’ve seen people spray rapid-fire scriptures, aiming at the sin, but they end up piercing the sinner instead. They walk away as if the “twitching” sinner is a mere casualty of a spiritual war that only they’ve been fighting. There are no winners in that kind of war. Mercenaries and victims remain among the rubble, bruised and scarred from the shrapnel of sin. Recovery from such devastation takes years, but the shadows of the smoke hover in the corners of memory and the smell of charred forgiveness lingers in the skin.

    I’ve also seen people take that self-righteous, self-appointed-soothsayer-of-scripture approach to discipling. God’s Word and His love are not a secret that He only shares with a few. He has written us a love note (as Levi so deliciously called the Bible) and sealed it with the kiss of His Son.

    We are all sinners, struggling with the day-to-day matters of life. None of us have the power or the right to carry judgment on our frail shoulders. Jesus bore that on His capable shoulders. All we can do is be love, show love, live love. Real love. Not bullet-love. Not honey-love. But Truth-love.

    Thank you, Paul, for this insightful post. I needed it.

    • Heather – I saw this last night (now brekkie time here) as you so lovingly “caught up”. And wanted to let your words dwell with love rather than do the “job” of replying.

      Because … where do I start? πŸ™‚

      “smell of charred forgiveness lingers” perhaps?
      “Real love. Not bullet-love. Not honey-love. But Truth-love” maybe?
      “not a secret that He only shares with a few” possibly?
      “He has written us a love note (as Levi so deliciously called the Bible) and sealed it with the kiss of His Son.”
      Is that where I start?

      Because I plop a little pebble. The ripples do whatever He wishes. They are His.

      And then you drop boulders (I don’t think you do pebbles – I think he gives you massive boulders – your ripples are not ripples – they come over the horizon as HUGE WAVES!! Beautiful waves!). And He sends me these 20 foot waves! And I fly up and down – in wonder, in joy, in awe, in connection!

      Always with a huge smile of my face.
      Always safe.
      Always “WOWEEEEEEEE!!!”
      Always Thank you Lord!!!!
      Always Thank you Lord for Heather πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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