Tooth-brush time ….

Does this meet the criteria and standards for “prayer”? Standing in front of the mirror. Tooth-brush time. Mind wandering as it does …

When God guides, whispers, walks and talks …

* Never once has he quoted any verses from the bible as my answer. Ever. Very occasionally he stands me by someone who might, but rarely.

* Never once has he explained why he says no. He just does. Very gently. Always. Occasionally he stands me by someone who might, but hardly ever.

* Always he guides. And waits while I flounder around finding the answer. And it always becomes “my answer” that I found. So I own it. I like that. And frequently he stands me by someone who is much more insistent they have the answer.

(I think he does that so I learn to listen to Him rather than everyone else)


6 thoughts on “Tooth-brush time ….

  1. It is interesting how He uses different things for different people. A friend of mine often gets pictures in her mind. That has only happened to me a couple of times. The way He speaks to me most often is through reading the Bible. Verses jump out at me. Also they come to mind when needed. Sometimes His words drop into my mind.
    Learning to listen to Him rather than everyone else – yes, that’s a big thing. 🙂 Learning to know His voice and follow Him.

  2. And, I imagine, He never says, “Hey Paul, don’t forget to floss.”

    I love the idea of floundering around until discovering (then owning) the answer. We should take responsibility for our truths. We should own what we know. And what we don’t.

    • He hadn’t mentioned flossing until now!! 🙂

      It is the “no” that gets me. Why he does that, why I accept that, why it works. That is “it” for me. The essence of relationship in two letters: no. Okay lord. And away we go. Beautiful!!

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