I am a Lost World kinda guy

In the office in London yesterday I was listening to “the boys.” They were discussing football as usual (soccer – as a certain country calls it).

Geeky nerdy stuff. Inside leg measurement stuff. Pros and cons kind of stuff. My team your team kind of stuff. History and politics with the big clubs. Names, tactics, strategies, statistics … all that kind of nerdy stuff. All day long! All week long mostly (when “what to have for lunch” or Friday Nibbles has been dealt with in equal detail). Their usual makes the day go round kind of stuff.

And they talked and laughed and joked. Disagreements being the cause for raucous laghter and more jokes. And some weeks they go and play in the evening. Their own miniscule rag-tag footie team. In their rag-tag footie strip. Playing against another bunch as rag-tag or more polished.

Winning in this rag-tag team? Nah. Just the playing. That’s the fun.


I like to kick a ball around every now and then. I like to watch a match on tv every now and then. I have a favourite team as a sentimental attachment. I like football. And I just love the fun they get from their geekiness.

But to a “serious fan” – a “serious supporter”? I am a Lost World kinda guy.

But I know they love football. I see them disagree – and all agree. Because it shows. All the time. I love that in them! I love their geekiness. I love how they “do” football. Because – underneath it all – I love football. Just not the same way as them.

And my pondering?

We all – always – see how others “do” their passion. Because we all have passion about something.

And they do see the way we “do“ God. Because they “do” passion – like football – with love.

And they do see the way we “do’ God – this Lost World – we want to save.

From themselves. From the way they do love.

Make them all love the way we “do” love.


14 thoughts on “I am a Lost World kinda guy

  1. 🙂 I had to read that last part a few times to “get it”. Thanks for writing it.
    To your opinion is it possible to have more than just one passion?

    • <Serins what a great comment! Thank you. And – like you – I had to stop and think about "is it possible" several times (and am curious about your thoughts).
      Current thinking: yes it is. And like a flower has one or more beautiful blooms, all are fed and nurtured from one source. So too passions. For life, living, love, loving, giving, sharing, laughing and anything else like stamp collecting. And like buzzing bees, all that passion attracts and connects. One big pile of pollen and sweet honey.
      Make any sense? 🙂

      • Yes it makes sense. All your “passions” are consolidated. They are part of one big passion, yet each a topic on their own. i.e you love Jesus and you love writing. Both passions are not in conflict with each other

        Yet, human beings are complex creatures. Writers like to call it “internal conflict”. You can have two separate “warring” passions. Like a man who loves two women (poor guy and poor women for not having the total love of this man)
        So what are your thoughts on conflicting passions?

      • Sorry Serins! A wonderfully full 24 hours!

        You ask the grooviest questions! When I saw this yesterday I pondered. And then stuff overflowed here.

        Interesting word “warring.” Because it does feel like that when passions and conflict are involved. Complex? I am not so sure. “Needy” for me describes it better: I want that, and I want that, and I want that as well. Because I earned it/worked for it/sacrificed to get it .. only did it for “you” … and dammit-all … I deserve it! Me!!
        That is why I have come (after many years) to love Jesus.
        When none of that needy stuff had the answers any more.
        When “me” was all alone. Even thought I was in the middle.
        Conflict is tiring. Saps energy. Makes need even needier. More desperate. For at least one of the parties involved. Generally all.

        And at some point war results in a winner and loser.
        Dead and wounded. Prisoners and captors. An inequality for all. No one is truly happy. The winner has to protect the prize from escaping. The loser has to look through the bars.

        That is why I love Jesus.
        He is needless.
        No conflict – energy restoring. No need – no conflict. No desperation – for any of the parties involved.

        (And just in case this sounds super human perfect stuff – I have just come through a small nuclear warring conflict – no one dead – casualties recovering – peace restored)

        And God Jesus? I walked with him for over an hour this morning. Gently putting down the arms cache. He didn’t need me to. He didn’t make me. It’s just what we do. Helps me to stay connected. At peace.

  2. and then….. (as one from “a certain country” may say) – there are people who have a passionate personality and everything seems to be a passion with them.
    Thought I’d throw that in the mix – doesn’t really mean much here….
    But as Serins stated above – I don’t really think that man can really love both the women – question- is there any difference between selfish desire and passion?

    • Cate – and like a beautiful tapestry all that variety creates “wow.” Logical people, passionate people, introverts, extroverts, fearless, fearful, … the list goes on. Until one group decide others have to be “like us”. And then we all do what we do best …

      Selfish desire? someone told me once: selfish good, self-centred bad. Selfish to me is “love God and your neighbour as yourself” – I have equal worth. Whereas self-centred in my mind is always “Me first, me second, me always!” – which has never seemed very equal.

      Where passion lies in that – I think we grown-ups call it achieving “balance and maturity” 🙂

  3. Paul, Greatt post. I have never had a “passion” for sports since I played baseball as a kid. Speaking for myself only, my only passion is The Lord, but wrapped around that love for Him are many other people, and things, and enjoyment in life. This is good thought material.

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