Our Father …

Our Father, who art in heaven …

Let me never be the barbed wire fence
Between you
And another.
In your name.



16 thoughts on “Our Father …

  1. Not just a fence, a barrier, but a barbed wire fen e nonetheless, one that inflicts pain and wounds. Oh I never want to be that. Thank you for these thoughts.

  2. Bless you for posting this, Paul. Such power in so few words.

    Eons ago when I was in high school, my mother and I toured Europe. One stop on our whirlwind adventure was Dachau. As we approached the concentration camp and witnessed the barbed wire barriers surrounding the grounds, we heard the whispers of pain wrapped into the twisted knots of steel. Even as we viewed the “sleeping” quarters and other “common” areas, the image of the fence, in all of its formidable fury, haunted us. To this day, I can recall the trenches stuffed with sheets of barbed barricades and that history of hate sweeps across my arms leaving a trail of chills in its wake.

    I never want to be a barrier between anyone and freedom in Christ. Your words should be printed across billboards and in hymnals and in history books. I pray we never forget to be an example of Christ’s mercy and that we welcome people with wide-open arms of love and not a piercing fence of hate.

    • Heather … There are times your words are so deep I find my eyes are blurry as your comments settle somewhere He lives. Tonight is wet eyes night

      Thank you for being you.

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