With nowt taken out

Don did a podcast Don did: http://lifereference.wordpress.com/2014/06/09/weekly-podcast-june-9-2014/

Then last night I pondered. My daily portion of verse. A smidgeon of The Sermon. Three verses. Matthew paused after a few notes. Salt and light around the concert hall today. With the echo of Don’s podcast reverberating in the same space.
Matthew 5:13-16

This monologue on the mount. Three chapters from the mouth of Jesus to the multitude.

Hmmmmm …

Would I listen to a concert in three-note bites? Hear a famous speech in one-sentence-helpings? Relax to my favourite music with a jittery pause button? Would I live my life walking just two paces and then stopping until tomorrow? And then walking two more. And stopping. And if I did …

Would you ever walk alongside me?

So Don – I have a thought about podcasts. I have a thought about this Mount, this revered, hushed, ever-so-awed Monologue of The Mount.

My thought is noise.

Mutterers. Commenters. Questioners. Jokers. Hecklers. A multitude of noise makers:

What was that Jesus? What did He just say? My dad was a salty sailor, only lost his saltiness after our annual bath!!! Shaddup over there I can’t hear that Jesus fella. He said light. Lights??? It’s the middle of the day. Will you give your gob a rest I want to hear Jesus! So do I. Shaddup all of you and let me listen! Haven’t you got it yet, thicky – does that mean your lights are on but no one’s home! Guffaw guffaw.

Hot and dusty. Sweaty and noisy. Multitudes on the mount – in the sun – don’t do silence good.

So I want more. Not less. I want to listen, to laugh, to be alive with that multitude. With Jesus. I want to be the ordinary bloke who comes away changed. The one who missed half the sermon, the one who enjoyed all the banter, yet the one – as we do in real life – who gets the gist of something so powerful. Doesn’t need to ruminate every second of every crafted word. Yet is the one who connects with Jesus. And is changed. For ever.

I want to be the one who thought I heard Jesus say that every rule written has a reason and a time. Who heard Him tell me why. Someone who breathed life into me. By breathing love into His teaching. Making it a messy message of love from the mount. In the heat and dust of my damp perspiration.

Because this day … ?

I see a “celeb pimped version” of the sermon. Stuck on a pedestal. Dissected. Laboriously. Earnestly. Carved ever so thin. Yet padded ever so thick.

You know something?

I get the salt. I get the light. But I want to sweat and mutter and chuckle and be in that multitude. To hear Jesus as Jesus was heard. Connect with Jesus as Jesus connected. Cheer and laugh and love. See the dirt under his toenails whilst looking Him in the eye. See His soul as He sees mine. See my God looking out at me. Smiling with love.

I don’t want monologue. Awed silence. Jesus in the distance. Struggling to connect.

This is Jesus and me and a multitude being washed with words. Submerged in Love. Sailing on the soul of love. Scared, excited, yearning, cared for. Alive!

I have been in too many crowds to believe Jesus did not get even a solitary “yeah man!!” Followed by a “shush up over there” followed by a cracker in the crowd causing a chuckle. Followed by ….

So I have an idea for the spoken word. Perhaps an ambitious podcast.

Can the life and love and love that Jesus breathed into that multitude come alive again? With noise and sweat and dust and banter. With the start, middle and finish – and the heckling, banter and laughter? The “getting it” without hearing every single letter in every single word.

I think I am asking whether we can we let Jesus free. To allow Him His “Sermon on The Mount (The Unedited Version)”? The one He gave us.

With nowt taken out.


13 thoughts on “With nowt taken out

    • And no surprise. I shall continue the “internal” sound production then! πŸ™‚

      >> On a slightly more serious note: reading the three chapters, I get a sense that we have been given the highlights. That there may be some “tangents” in response to the multitude’s reactions.

      Just a thought crossing my brainwaves over the past couple of days.


      • Thank you. He seems to be stirring “stuff” with these three chapters. Sand between the toes kind of stuff. Looking out over the horizon and hearing “I wonder ….” rolling around between my ears. No pressure to change no pressure to do anything much. Just a thought that I have seen this sermon dissected into so many slivers I wonder if that is how He meant us to listen. If that is the only way … getting the idea to take the whole thing and “play”. πŸ™‚

        (and have a great few days with your buddies!!)


  1. Let me start by telling you, midway through reading this I began to weep. I’m talking grab-the-tissue weeping. Your words expressed a longing I’ve felt to be in His presence. I yearn to see His face and bask in the warmth of His smile. To hear His voice and relax under the smooth baritone of His words. To embrace Him in a hug and feel renewed by the strength pouring out from Him and into me. To feel the sand under my feet as I stand for hours, watching Him, listening to Him, wanting, more than anything, to be near Him.

    Maybe because I love stories, maybe because I have a wild imagination, maybe because I’m just me, I want to read those “nowt taken out” stories. I want to hear the coughing mothers and crying babies, the gasps and sighs, the cries of sadness and joy. I want to feel the pulse of the crowd as Jesus’ energy breathes life into it, to see the soft-hearted ones rubbing the goose bumps on their arms.

    Yes, Paul, I, too, want to be a part of the multitude “washed with words. Submerged in Love. Sailing on the soul of love”.

    Thank you, my precious dirt brother, for unleashing the much-needed tears in me. You have renewed my desire to see my Father face to face, to worship at His feet, to finally be privy to His parables and sermons. I thank God for you, my friend. He has gifted you with reaching into the heart and tugging at its strings.


    • And He has gifted you with something so precious. Every time you share – you cause me to wonder why he gifted me with your words, this connection, this wonder of being silenced by such beauty. What have I done to be so favoured by Him?

      And then it goes wham all over again. This is what Love is. This is who we connect with. Why we connect with. His knee-jerk reaction is always love. Always.

      Thank you Heather. Always. Always your words bring Him closer.


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