Friday rocking and a-rolling!!

I just popped up to add a word –
How I love so much
That you rock my world
With stunning blogs that are …

at times
seeds of
some even

A tapestry of Love
All bounding and bound
A garden so bright
Delights all around!

This wondrous community –
A veritable feast –
Of love and respect …


(I burp
to get


Thank you all!


40 thoughts on “Friday rocking and a-rolling!!

  1. Paul!
    You will never EVER know, how badly at this point in this particular week… I needed to read the words…


    (I burp
    to get

    🙂 ”

    and have them enter my life. Thank you so very much indeed. (And don’t think I’m being facetious… not a bit of it. This was PERFECT!)

    Grace — LM

  2. Paul? You feeling alright? Blogging in the afternoon????? It must be a TGIF kinda thing. 🙏🍀🌻🎂🍦
    I threw the cake and ice cream in to celebrate your lovely if not unusual poem!!!?? 😉

  3. You’re giving E.E. Cummings a run for his money 😉
    Did you know he had a house at Silver Lake called Joy Farm?
    I wish we still named our houses. Numbers are so impersonal!

    • Kelly, forgive my British lack of knowledge (not necessarily one and the same!!). Just googled the fella – and am somewhat gobsmacked at your generosity!! Thank you.

      Over here we can name our homes and inform the postal service. It had resulted in many “odd” indulgences. Joy Farm on the other hand, that sounds like someone who has yet to learn the art of apostrophes!! 🙂

  4. Wow…I’m only three weeks late but it’s still a Friday, so I can delight in the feast of your words. 🙂

    The “Tapestry of Love”…yes I quite like that. I was reading one of Kelly Grace’s posts yesterday ( at “A Really Full Life” and she talked about the condition of our skinny hearts. I believe the more we feast on His Word and feast our eyes on the tapestries of love in these blogs, then we will all have plump hearts.

    I never leave your posts feeling hungry, Paul. Thank you!

    • You mum came to mind as I was reading this one again – reminding myself what I had written three weeks ago (age and memory act in inverse proportion to each other in my case).

      BTW I love your mum – all that needlework – just for you! 🙂

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