If we allow

This morning I found a fly sitting on this little (closed) window. Flew in yesterday and had an overnight layover. So I opened the window for it to buzz off and do “fly stuff”.


Except it didn’t.

It buzzed back and forth across the pane of glass. Frantically trying to find it’s way out to the fresh air it could sense.

Where I saw only an open window. The fly saw only:


It finally flew away.

So … back to another few verses of “The Sermon” … all mounted-up and ready to seek relationship:

‘You have heard that it was said, “You shall not commit adultery.” But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart. If your right eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away; it is better for you to lose one of your members than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away; it is better for you to lose one of your members than for your whole body to go into hell. Matthew 5:27-30


HELLFIRE AND DAMNATION!! That is the version I see and hear so often in one shape or form (whether right in your face – or through the more subtle kind of self-love osmosis).

Better to be half the person you are/were with bits missing and gouged out. That is the only way (one way or another) that you earn the prize of forgiveness and eternal god stuff. Pluck … gouge … sacrifice … burden … cross … suffer.

Doesn’t that sound a lot like a buzzing fly?

Imposing my fly-brain-relationship-that-I-call-love-and-freedom-and-new-covenant-and-worship-and-glorifying-God-in-everything-because-I-am-unworthy … kind of buzzing … on God?

Is that really what this “Love” is all about? Letting all that “transaction stuff” sneak in and settle (again!)? Because one thing I have learned categorically is that “Love is not Transaction” – EVER!

So let’s open a few windows here …

Did you know that the Greek (source new testament language) for all these “violent” words is also “loving words”? In the same bible.

I saw that because He sent me scurrying away to have a look. All that Mounce and Teknia “stuff” this morning (for Teknia and Mounce, please refer back to an earlier post: “We Get To Choose”: https://justmebeingcurious.com/2014/05/20/we-get-to-choose/). You can too if you want.

And as always, it all comes back to context again.

Which starts with looking for the “good in God” … as a knee-jerk reaction. Seeing the open window as He sees it. Rather that the easier “seeing the open window” as a fly sees things.

Because when I really hold his hand. When I really connect. When I really look for real relationship … all that “violence” becomes “fly-brain” stuff.

Seek and ye shall find.

There is chap called Bob. Nice fella. Does a bit of blogging. Has a relationship with his lord. Quite an upbeat kind of guy. Same as the rest of us really. No different. Except Bob has ALS.

What is that? “Eventually people with ALS will not be able to stand or walk, get in or out of bed on their own, or use their hands and arms. In later stages of the disease, individuals have difficulty breathing as the muscles of the respiratory system weaken.”

Bob uses an eye-tracking gizmo to type. That’s the only way he can. And despite being immobile, Bob sees an open window. Not every day. Just most days.

He wrote a piece yesterday about choices. About chasing happiness. About God. About seeing an open window rather than barriers and rules and sin and damnation. Bob is just like the rest of us. No better no worse.
“Happiness :-)”: http://unshakablehope.wordpress.com/2014/06/12/happiness/

It touched me – the style of words we use – and I was left wondering this morning.

Why do we love talking the talk – yet continue to knee-jerk back to transaction – earning our salvation?

Isn’t “real relationship” seeing the “good in God” as a knee-jerk reaction? What this “Be Attitude sermon” stuff is about … what Love is about … what God is about … what we can be about.

If we allow.


28 thoughts on “If we allow

  1. “If we allow”…how can something so simple be so incredibly difficult to do? Yielding to Him at all times-because Father knows best…I, too, was touched by Bob’s post yesterday. His words are very inspiring!

    • Julie, thank you. You picked out the “present verb” yesterday and Cate picked out the “if we allow” the day before. Simple and incredibly difficult!! 🙂

      The more I dwell, the more I just want to let go. And then find I have kicked a bit (or a lot). Or I let go in one part of my life and keep tight hold in another.

      Odd thing? As I loosen my grip a little (and than grab tight and then loosen!) – I find it less like yielding. More like embracing.

      >>> You have just lifted a memory: I did a “high ropes” exercise years ago. All safely harnessed in, but messing around walking on thin ropes about 30 feet up. It was SCARY!! Even though my brain knew I was safe, my “other brain” was scared. Almost to the point of freezing. The goal was to establish are you scared of letting go (of a nice big unmoving tree trunk) in order to move forwards along a thin rope – or not. I was!!!

      Yet there was another area of walking up angled tree trunks (slightly less thin!). And I found myself “in the moment”. Focused on the grain in the trunks – which were polished with all the walking. And in that moment I only saw beauty. So much beauty in the delicate flowers that appeared beneath my feet – this polished tree-trunk naturally formed no human hand involved “grain art”. And found myself 30 feet up without even being aware of having done it, nor of having any fear on the way.

      Was never able to repeat it – because I kept “trying” to make it happen. Always wanted that moment back again. And could never “make it happen”.

      Thank you! You have just gifted me that little ponder! 🙂

  2. Yesterday, I sat amazed that this ridiculous fly would not fly out of the four open windows in my van. Instead, he was franticly bashing himself against my windshield like all the other silly flies do when they come into my car. I will think of this post whenever it happens again. Thanks, Paul!!

      • It is amazing, isn’t it!!!! Now….I am looking for how he uses stink bugs. If you figure that one out, I will be forever grateful!! 🙂 I hate them sooooo much!!

      • Google -> Wiki -> stink bugs! “Though many stink bugs are plant pests themselves, some predatory stink bugs keep pests in check. The spined soldier bug, for example, feeds on caterpillars, sawfly larvae, and grubs. Most predatory stink bugs are generalist feeders, so they might also devour your lady beetles or even their own kin. You can recognize stink bugs by their shield-shaped bodies, and the pungent odor they produce when disturbed.”

  3. I loved this Paul. ( its me your favorite American Mama. Change my name and ditched my pic!) hmmmm. Curious yes?.

  4. I loved this Paul! (Its your friend from America. Can u guess? 🌻😄💜🍀🙏
    Changed my name and ditched my pic!

  5. Allow, yes. We can only give and receive with open hands. We still somehow ball them up into tight little fists which can do neither. It takes more effort to hold our fists than to simply keep them open. When will we learn?

    • Susan, I am still chuckling as I type!! The picture of a small child in mid-tantrum flashed up as I read “ball them into tight little fists”!!! Glorious!!!

      And yet so true. Neither logic nor sense in that. Just stubborn “Me me me … No no no …. Now now now … Because I say so!” And the daftest thing? As a parent it always made me smile. They never meant it for more than a few minutes. They always calmed down. And they always still loved me. Yet at that moment it was always all consuming.

      I reckon our lord chuckles all the time!!! Maybe that is why “it is what it us” 🙂

  6. Wow. Simply wow. I’m thinking of that word “allow” and all its meanings:

    a. Give permission. Think of all the people who won’t allow themselves permission to love others much less give permission for others to love them. They are stuck in the darkness of their past or their sin and build a wall between themselves and love. There’s a vulnerability there, like a baby bird that has fallen from the nest too soon. God spreads His mighty wings over us and under us.

    b. To grant as one’s right or let have. It’s a privilege to feel love and to receive God’s love. We are under a giant afghan of love-privilege. He grants us love to the point of sacrificing His Son. How can we not grant the same to our brothers and sister or even our enemy? I believe one of the roots of hate is pride. Jesus tells us to love our enemies. We should be so filled with love we have no room for hate.

    c. To acknowledge. Loving others requires an acknowledgement of the Source of love. We must see Him, know Him, give Him permission into our hearts and lives, let Him have all that we are, and then we can allow, or acknowledge, that same love in ourselves.

    IF we allow… CAN we allow? WILL we allow?

    I pray that, as a people, we find our way out the window of our self-imposed prisons and into the freedom of Christ’s arms so that can allow Him to fill us with His love. Then we can allow ourselves to do the same.

    • One word was flickering into my head as I read through your epic comments – the time you share with me is truly a gift – I feel such pride that I may end up hating you (please take that as me being up very early and have an oddly shaped “funny bone”!).

      The one word was “one”. One at a time. One is enough. Just like a cell splits and becomes, two, and then four and (I forget the maths after four!). Just like one cross was enough. As a people we can and will (if we want) just one at a time. If we can get past the rules.

      The most wonderful thing this blog-church has given me? You, Just one other. And such fellowship. Such a release and blossoming in my heart. And one more. And one more. And one more. The one more keeps on happening. Almost as though He is watching over us all. Allowing me to reach and connect with one more. One at a time. And each adds to my release, each allows me to blossom. And it seems to be we do that for each other. Just like those cells splitting. And before you know it there is a body. A body of Christ. One with the One.

      >>> You pluck something in my soul and free it to move to places I never even knew – one comment at a time – one blog at a time – it is habit you have – every single time. Now – statistically – what are the chances of that? What are the chances of so many who do that being in one pace at the same time?

      (brain fuse – again!) 🙂

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