Living to please God – KatieB

“I am no different from you. I want peace in my heart. And so along those lines and in trying to make that a reality I have taken steps to attain some peace. I have removed my comments from my blog in order to thwart some negative feedback I have been receiving. It was either that or delete my blog and I don’t think God wants me to stop spreading His word just yet.”

Katie added these words in her loving words today.

And I thought …

I would like to help in some way. So here is a blog simply linked to Katie’s post. Because I would like her to be able to see how much she means to me. Her daily dose of love and living has become part of my daily living. Linked because I hope Katie will see a pingback and come and have a look. And because anyone can add comments here which I hope she will also read because of that link.

Katie spreads love every day in my life. Let’s spread some in her life.

Huzzah and huzzah again!!



19 thoughts on “Living to please God – KatieB

  1. Writing is difficult. Putting yourself out there is risky. None of us like rejection. But someone has to take the first step. Someone has to be brave, have courage. Katie, be not afraid.

    • Thank you Rebekah! I will forge onward certainly. With Gods help of course. And dear friends like you. 😄

  2. Thanks Paul for doing this. I was trying to but have never done it and still don’t know how. Katie, you are a true Shining Star that brings warmth to many hearts, myself included. We pray that God will show you His love at this time and know that you are much loved by us. I only wish I could come and help you out with whatever is going on.

  3. You rock Katie! If there is negativity going on, you must be doing something right, for just as there was criticism of Jesus, we will get some too… So way to go!

  4. Katie, I am glad you are still writing too. You are a blessing! Everything I have ever read of yours is encouraging and inspiring! Love and Blessings.

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