True love. Could it be as simple as truly listening?

On a beach, in Spain, chilling and sleeping … No intention to write. Every intention to lurk quietly.

And then I read this post. And connected. At so many levels I connected and learned something important. I hope it does something on the scale of “awesome” in your heart and soul as well.

On a beach. Somewhere in Spain. Blessed to be so connected.

My Time is Now

Some dance to remember, some dance to forget. –The Eagles, Hotel California

My dance therapy for people with dementia is to help them remember. When I began this work a number of years back, I was in a painful period of my own life and I looked forward to these hours because dancing with these people became my time to forget. It was in my forgetting and their remembering that we met somewhere in the middle. Somewhere pretty beautiful.


I was about 17 years old when I found there were only two things in my life that made me feel completely in a moment; acting a part and ballroom dancing.

As a young actor, I wondered how I could live in another character’s moment so completely, but not my own? I could walk with someone else’s limp or stride and assume another name and identity feeling intensely high on this…

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