Sundays we play batman

“Where there’s muck there’s money.” And: “Thar’s brass thar is” (best said with a solid Yorkshire accent)

A pile of household goods, no longer of use, destined for the bin and looked over by others. Stuff I have worked for, paid for, bought and cherished. Now no longer needed. Now just so much clutter.

Stuff causes us no end of dilemma. To buy or not to buy. To need or not to need. To keep or not keep. To repair or get a new one. Some make a mission of frugality. Others a virtue of prosperity.

Then the disciples came and asked him, ‘Why do you speak to them in parables?’ He answered, ‘To you it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given. For to those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away. The reason I speak to them in parables is that “seeing they do not perceive, and hearing they do not listen, nor do they understand.” Matthew 13:10–13

WE are not the THEY looking at a pile of rubbish and seeing rubbish. We are not even WE looking at a pile of rubbish and seeing value. We are the pile.

WE have been given that secret. WE know the answer to that valuation. God Soft Hands Jesus came, walked, died and was raised. We are of such value that the ultimate price was WILLINGLY paid. We are more valuable than anything this world can pay. More than this world would even contemplate paying. We are that precious, that valuable that WORTHY! We have that much WORTH!

It is what we ooze in worship and praise and gratitude and servility and all those other fine dirt family traits on show each week on knees and in song and in pious look. We know.

I am unworthy. I am a worthless sinner. I am a sinner. I have no worth. Not without You dear Lord Heavenly Father Son of God Christ Almighty Eternal God of Eternal God Saviour and Lord of All.

Is that just me hearing an odd hollowness to it all? Do WE not know the secret?

How then do we slither on our worthless bellies week after week … to worship ourselves for perfecting being so absolutely crappy and worth-less.

We worship being a scrap of crap on the sole of God’s sandals. Our valuation. Our judgement of worth. Our image of no worthiness. Our creation of “The Worthless Me” that we worship. Week after week to infinity and beyond. Where does God get a look-in? Where is God in all of this?

Paul, Paul, Paul … You are new to the faith. You are an immature Christian. We value your thoughts. We really do. And when the Lord speaks to you as He speaks to us – then you will understand. Then you will know His Love. His eternity. His Grace freely given. We have a bible study class which will help. We have a housegroup where you can share these thoughts and learn how to be a right thinker. We will disciple you. We will support you. We will absorb you into our body. The body of Christ. And you will truly Know The Lord In All His Glory! Once you merely understand His Greatness and Sovereign Power – then you will become one of Us.

Then we can baptise you. Then we will have saved you. Then you be one with Us. So I counsel you to curb this enthusiasm for speaking out. To be reflective of His Word. To seek His guidance. I urge you to make every Sunday the most important time in your week. We have been commanded to come together. Do you know what that means, Paul? Commanded by the Lord Almighty. Can you really resist that commandment and call yourself saved?

How can you, in your heart of hearts, not agree to tick all the boxes we show you? How can you even think to question our creed? We have decreed it is of God. Without God we are as nothing. Without being saved we are merely sinners. Without being covered by His blood we are nothing.

You can be covered Paul, you can be saved. We can save you. We will show you how. But … all that “batman” excitement you love? That is the devil’s work. You want to stand up and look Him in the eye? That is pride, Paul, that is sin. You tell me I should have God “cuffing me about the head”, you say God speaks to you, you tell me God is real … well Paul … that is for the Apostles. That is for The Saints. That is for when you get to Heaven. That is not now. That is not us. That is not you. That is your pride, your earthly body, your natural. And God hates that Paul, God hates that so much He died for you. Jesus hates that so much He cast out these same evil demons when He walked amongst us. I hope you will learn. I hope we can teach you. Because we will show you how to show proper gratitude. We will show you how to show proper worship. How to praise. How to repent. How to be sanctified. We will show you what God really is.

That is why He commanded you to come to church. That is why you cannot be saved unless you do. Are you with us Paul? Are do you prefer to be against us? Do you really want to go against God, Paul? That is the way to Hell and Damnation and the fiery pit of eternity. He gave us free will Paul, it is your call, your decision! He gave us free will so we could choose the right way. The only way. The way to Him. Do you really choose to be damned for ever? Is that what you choose with this flim-flam me me me stuff? Because that is of the devil, Paul. And we cannot allow the devil in. We have been commanded to keep the devil out. Do you want to be saved Paul, do you?

Do you ever hear that – or is that just me as well?

Well I have good news for you.

I already have value. And always have had value. And always will have value. God Soft Hands Jesus suffered death for me. That is how much value God Soft Hands Jesus sees in me. He knows I sin. He knows I am imperfect and always will be. HE knows my SECRET. And I know His SECRET.

HE loves ME.

I am so worthy to God Soft Hands Jesus I am worth more than life itself.


And I so happy to accept that valuation. To know that worth. To be that worth.


“Paul stuff-it-all-up-think-the-wrong-things-play-batman-Paul-look-Him-in-the-eye-enjoy-Him-boxing-my-ears-with-affection-and-cuffing-Him-around-the-head-kind-of-Valuable”

I don’t need to tell you this. You already know.

Isn’t that why you pay lip service to it every Sunday. Why you produce shopping list after shopping list called prayer. Why you kneel and tell Him how little value you have. How worth-less you are. How you are nothing. Day after day. Week after week. Year after year. Let’s all be unworthy enough to get to Heaven – and be allowed in because we deserve to be.

I am a new Christian not yet shaped and formed by you. Not yet moulded in your image. Not yet compliant enough to keep to the rules. But once you have done your work I will be. I will fit. Your image.

Now about this commandment to make one hour of “worship” the Day of Days, the Highlight of my week?

Well …

Sundays we play batman. Mondays we come to this church (like every day – that communing and community and unity and worship and prayer sheer unbridled LOVE that He and I love so much). Tuesdays I get a box around the ears usually. Wednesday we play with His Word. Thursday He connects me with one of you and sparks fly. Friday He might even be a little loving and gentle. Saturdays we go and do stuff together. And Sundays …

Let me get back to you on that – we need to see if we can squeeze you in …


4 thoughts on “Sundays we play batman

  1. What does it even mean to be “worthy”? I don’t really know, so I must not be “worthy.” In spite of that He was willing to die for me… and all the rest of you. Shouldn’t that be enough?

    I think so, and I also think you’ve written a mighty fine post today!

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