Not Yet … Not Yet … (revisited)

“Lord, you created me to live in freedom.
Mostly I take this gift for granted.
Inspire me to live in the freedom you intended,
with a heart untroubled and with complete trust in You.”

To all of you in this church and beyond. You allow me to say more and more, day by day:

In your time
Dear Lord
In your time
I trust
I am free
For you
For me
For those I love
For those I don’t
In you
With you
And I will follow

Not yet … not yet …

“So whilst my love in this wonderful church grows, He wants me to realise that pounding the blogs, bashing out my blog each day, shaking your hand as soon as you write, tapping out a few words, pressing the like button, pretending my reading list is not actually taking over, all of that kind of stuff … should always be of love. Not to become another job. Another list.

That kind of love is not love. It is fitting in. It is of work. It is of transaction – and creeps in so effortlessly. And it has no place here. Nor anywhere.”

Not yet … not yet …

“I heard this week that the phrase God utters most in the Bible is “Don’t be afraid/Fear not.” Next time I meet God in the ring, I will take courage with me. And I won’t be afraid of the ‘what if’ when He whispers …”

Not yet … not yet …

”Do not let guilt rob you of your JOY. That Fruit of the Spirit, is like fruit in the natural in the sense that the seeds of Joy are spread only when Joy is evidenced in YOUR heart and spirit. The enemy, our adversary would love to rob you of that and thereby rob all of us who are truly being joined by the Holy Spirit of the Lord!”

Not yet … not yet …

”We aim to please and then it takes the joy and love from it and makes it a task. Maybe if we just write from the heart and scripture folks can see and feel our real intent and love to them.”

Not yet … not yet …

”Religion says; I do the work, God goes along with it, and I get the credit. Christianity says; God does the work, I go along with it, and God gets the credit!”

Not yet … not yet …

”He talks to me the way I speak. For example when I’m worrying about what is going to happen with my loved ones He says, “What’s it to ya?” In other words, He saying, “You’ve got enough in your life to deal with besides taking on others worries.””

Not yet … not yet …

”Did you know my god picks his nose, and then examines the findings? As he lounges on the sofa behind me as I tap away here. Godly bogies don’t seem to stick when He flicks – and that is really cool!

It is words like yours here that give me the freedom to write that little vignette. It is a vignette like that which makes my god as real as you. And it is this communing that allows me to shed my suit of fear day by day. You inspire. Always!!”

And I will follow


9 thoughts on “Not Yet … Not Yet … (revisited)

  1. He leads us step by step, and we, if we’re committed, follow in those footsteps. Sometimes, He makes a full-on stop. If we’re not paying attention, we bump into Him, like a keystone cop bumping into the cop in front. Thankfully, we don’t have to be embarrassed at ignoring His will; He always understands with love and grace.

  2. Yes. It’s not a job, not a to do list, not trying to hang out with the cool people in the highschool cafeteria. It’s Love. This is awesome, Paul. I’m thinking a lot about authentic community lately. A lot of churches through that phrase around. But I have rarely found it. It’s easier here, in this on-line church where we aren’t really in each other’s daily business, but just in each other’s hearts and spirits. In my daily “real” life I have some deep places of healthy community. I know they are a gift. Places where we bare and bear all. Admitting our most hurting places and praying and bearing the burdens of that without judgement. I’m so grateful for those spaces and know they are unusual gifts, as it this on-line space. But how to navigate the other “communities” where we smile and act like we have something special but everyone is still hiding and judging. Those spaces hurt. I’m trying to pray it through. I know the deep stuff is only safe in small places of nurturing, but what do I do with the larger spaces, spaces where I don’t bare all and don’t expect others to bare all, but where we act like it is good when beneath there is falsehood. HE keeps telling me to love. To let it go. To let Him work it all through. I could use prayer that I can do that.

    • What deep thoughts, Paula. Had a “let it go moment” today here. And still pondering the reasons.
      There have been times when I have wondered if the energising of this community is necessary. The other communities draining as well as recharging – but deffo draining. And this not being in each other’s lives is actually necessary to recharge.
      I have no answers. Lots of questions. Just like you. And I pray for you and me and all of us. That He is enough. Each step, each encounter, each bruise, each faltering. That He makes me enough. You enough.
      It is a prayer I use more and more. And He always does. Always. I am learning to let go. Even when I want my fists clenched tight. Soft hands – they are my challenge. Like today. When I am not switched on enough to see all the connections others have. When others are not switched on to see my connections. All that day-to-day stuff. Make me enough a Lord, make me enough.

  3. I am intrigued you you and Paula’s comments in addition to this not yet revisiting. Who are you guys anyway? Why do I feel like I know people here more than the people I do life with at times? Is it all a facade or is there something really there? Has God allowed the ability for these connections so that love can multiply?

    • Rebekah, welcome to the confusion and clarity!
      The revisiting – so many words added. Those words change that post (most posts). Now a post more than double the original. I think there may be a few more revisits of other posts for the same reason. Who knows?
      Odd thing you write.
      Because it is the same thing Mrs Paul was asking tonight. Is it real. It is to me. And it outflows into local doing life. And local flows back in here. Becoming one. Just different bits of one.
      Has God … all I know is that He is in the middle. The most beautiful thing for me? It is enough. Knowing the why and what – where is the faith and relationship in that? 🙂 🙂

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