Now write Me right

Our morning walk in The Word together. And I was meandering around as usual – poking my stick in this – pulling a leaf back there. And I said a couple of times: look at this lord! And he simply said: leave it alone Paul. And a sense of Yippee was growing inside. A “morning off” from the bloggy words! A morning off together in The Word. A bit more time for “me” in my morning! No post, no writing … Yippee!!

So we meandered to our bloggy thing, to see what had happened overnight. Found some words left by others. Found some words to reply. Share the love. Then underneath yesterday’s post “Munch munch munch” – HE grabbed my stick and started poking amongst them: Look at this Paul, look at that … wow!! Come over here and see what I see!!

And I sighed a little.

“All I can say to all of this is . . . I am glad I don’t own a dog . . . deaf or not. But, perhaps one that lost its smeller might work for me!!! All this talk about smelling the posterior of another living thing makes me think how the aroma of our sin must be an awful, disgusting and obnoxious odor to God!”

(and I saw what He saw – and began jumping up and down doing that little dance in your chair thing! Oh yeah Lord, now we are rocking and rolling!!!)

I love Deborah Ann’s connection. I always imagine her swimming around a pool of love … deep within … spotting a verse … a connection of verses … and then coming up and singing such beautiful sights into her poetry! I read her “posts” (such an ordinary word for such beauty and love) with awe.

So just what was He seeing in Deborah Ann’s comment today?

S * I * N
S * I * N
S * I * N

Because He showed me how our dog sniffs others bottoms and winkies and lady bits. Other dogs sniff her bottom and lady bits. Our dog also cleans herself (as she must) with her tongue (imagine someone slurping a bowl of broth – really slurping! – that is how our dog cleans herself – constantly!!!). I accept the sniffing as just the norm in dog-world – but the slurping broth sounds (for me) are like fingernails scraped down a blackboard (icon for “shudder”)!!

BUT not only that …

Our dog loves licking her human pets. She and I have established an understanding that her licking me is okay. Once! After that I am a rebellious pet with a fierce dislike of her slobbering. It works. She understands. Yet my lovely “partner in life and love” barely notices the minutes (minutes!!!!) of licking our dog gives her knee, her hand, her face, her foot, her knee, her hand, her face her foot … ! Now that is REALLY fingernails scraping down a blackboard for me (icon for “shoot me now I cannot stand it!”).

BUT not only that …

Then my lovely “partner in life and love” quite happily snogs me! And expects ME to snog HER! The horrendous cycle of sin is complete: dog sniffs bottoms and winkies and lady bits … dog indulges in broth slurping cleaning of same body-parts … requirement to stay married and “snog snog snog” … cycle now complete:

Dog stuff sin is NOW ON MY FACE!!


“All I can say to all of this is . . . I am glad I don’t own a dog . . . deaf or not. But, perhaps one that lost its smeller might work for me!!! All this talk about smelling the posterior of another living thing makes me think how the aroma of our sin must be an awful, disgusting and obnoxious odor to God!”

What He poked so beautifully and lovingly this morning was this:

”When it comes to sin, Paul, I am not you. I am your “partner in life and love” (He used her real name). I took that sin: Then … Now … Always.

You worry about sin. You hear fingers scraping down the blackboard. You think about the stench of sin. The excrement of sin. The stain of sin. It disgusts you. It makes you rear back from Me. You try and wipe it off you. You moan and whine and blather on and on and on … Sin this, sin that, sin sin sin always sin!

I am your “partner in life and love”. I do not see sin in you. I do not smell it on you. You are not stained by sin. You are not touched by sin. You are perfect for Me. Then. Now. Always.

Remember Steve’s ducks? (Steve Rebus, iChristian: “No Walls Can Confine You”:

That’s what “fingernails down a blackboard” and “sin” do to you all – so often – so much of the time.

I do not see what you see, nor smell what you smell, nor am disgusted in the slightest. It is in your imagination. Not Mine.

Maybe if you could get that through your wonderfully dense head – then you gorgeous ducks would waddle less and fly with Me. That is what you were created to do. That is where you belong. That is why “sin” is your barbed wire. Your “unworthy”. That is why you hold Me back – push Me away – keep Me at a distance. Sin gets in the way. That is what the cross was about. That is what the cross removed. Please don’t keep putting it back between us. I took it from you so that we could be as One. But every time you “fingers down the blackboard” with sin you keep putting it back – between us. Why?

Now … write Me right … you lazy boy!”


I love it when He cuffs me around the head … does that “shnuzzly thing” in my hair … and we just kind of hang out together!

17 thoughts on “Now write Me right

  1. “Please don’t keep putting it back between us, I took it away so we could be One!” Alright now!

    Isn’t it that mental image in our mind of our “sinful selfie” that keeps us from flying with God. We keep staring at it (our stinky image) instead of looking up. At God.

    When we look up we can fly. We take off, gain some momentum but after awhile we think/look back on ourselves and fall flat. Then we get back up and waddle the same familiar paths that take us nowhere.
    Loved this post!


    • Lilka I love that phrase “sinful selfie”!! Describes so beautifully the order of priorities so often: Yes I know, yes I really do, yes it wonderful … oh dear look at me looking like that.

      I was at a wedding a few weeks ago, and we had a spontaneous “family selfie” – it is a glorious picture! And tonight we saw another picture from a distance of us taking our selfie – and that was just as wonderful.

      Here’s to “family selfies” with our Lord!! Hard to be stinky when He has his arm around us and we are both beaming big happy grins!!

      Thank you!!!!!!! 🙂

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  2. Great post Paul. That sin word is always gonna be there until we unite with Him in Heaven. He is purifying us in this life but we are already purified completely in reality. But not in ourselves as He is our only perfection. Grace!!!!!! My favorite word. I will never get over it. 😀


    • Hiya Levi – do you ever get to a point where you just don’t care? Where you just cannot be bothered to figure this while thing out? When having His arm around you, getting clouted around the head, when joshing around, where walking quietly, where “being” is just to good to try and figure out?
      I think that is where He is leading me.
      Sin? Who why what when …
      Who cares – I am having too much fun being of I Am – really … I just am!!! 🙂


      • And you IS. Lol. We have a tremendous amount of freedom in Christ. If we truly are, then because of what and who He is and what He has done for us changes things. We don’t even have to figure it all out. We must commune with Him in His word and He will teach us but it won’t seem burdensome and like work. It becomes our delight, but never in perfection. Does this make sense??? I have a blast almost everyday just being His.


  3. I guess it’s not my “dislike of dogs” as much as it is my hatred of sin and how it has turned me into a big pile of dog-do at times. What an awful aroma my sinful life has emitted to the throne on which my Savior sits. Ah, but then the sweet fragrance of His wonderful life-saving grace has been released on me and it covers that horrible smell of my repentant rotting soul! Our God is so good so merciful and so kind . . . He should be the one who is “man’s best friend!” ~ Blessings ~


    • Man’s best friend!! Deborah Ann what a gorgeous turn of that phrase! Man’s best friend! With teeth when threatened, with a snuffly nose when doing stuff, with a great big I forgive you look, with an excitement of going for a walk together …
      My imagination is off and running again!!!
      Thank you thank you thank you!!!!


  4. On sin. I wallow around in most every day Paul. Most of the time it’s my own fault. Then sometimes I just feel the presence of it all around me. I have grown over the years to just accept by faith and his holy word that I am unable to avoid the things I do that displease me so. The biblical Paul said why do I do what I do it really upsets me. why can’t I do what I want to really do. Something like that. Well I got the same problem. I know I do tend to wallow in it. He said quit sniffing butts Tom and you worry to much. I think he’s right. Paul do you ever really take a hard look at what all Jesus really went through in his time on earth ? There is absolutely nothing we go through he hadn’t already experienced. I believe God really wants us to know that he made a full proof way for us to be restored to him. That he wants me to understand that he lived it to so I will know that he really understands what I go through. My dog JoJo is licking my leg. I love your Metaphors. went to commpasionite friends groups last night. it really helped us. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.


    • Not forgotten. Never forgotten. Not crowded and never will be. I think I could sit and stare out over a sunset in peaceful silence with you. Not a word necessary. Don’t know why.
      “He lived it to so I will know that he really understands what I go through”
      Tom, I love your heart.
      I love your faith.
      Next gentle sunset we have here? I am pulling up a chair for you. You will be in that chair. Me in mine. Not a word needed. Just sharing the same moment.
      Walk gently my friend.


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