Let me be enough

For today, for the challenges, the joys, the heartache, the fun, the questions, the doubts, the insecurities. The things I will meet that I never knew I would, for the pressures of getting through this thing we call life …

For the moments when I panic, for the people I want to avoid, for the jobs I want to delay starting, for the rest I want to linger in …

For the things which overwhelm me, for the weaknesses I magnify and bow under, for the strengths I have but are never enough, for the doubts and questions I readily arrange …

For the simple act of walking with you through whatever you have arranged today, for the ease with which I miss opportunities you bring my way: Dear Father, let me be enough.

“Let me be enough”

Those four words are becoming my shorthand for all the words above. My shorthand for me. My reminder I am always enough. He will never ask what I cannot do. He will not demand. He is not my burden.

Because I forget. When I hear the wind, the waves, the storm … when I look down and see sin, sea, sweat … when I think I am never enough … for me … for anyone.

“Let me be enough”

Dear Father, for whatever you have in mind for me today – let me be enough.

And during the day (and when I remember!), as things come and go and I once again end the day and head for bed … I will have said “thank you” … many times.

Dear Father, I asked you to let me be enough. You did.

So many times.

So many odd ways.

Thank you.

Thank you for making me enough.”

23 thoughts on “Let me be enough

  1. “Because I forget. When I hear the wind, the waves, the storm … when I look down and see sin, sea, sweat … when I think I am never enough … for me … for anyone.”
    …Beautiful and timely 🙂


  2. Thank you for this! I thought I was enough at one time….but then I started going to church. LOL It always comes back to where we first started…WITH HIM! I am enough, too! Thanks Again!!!!!!!


  3. “He is not my burden.” What hope you have insired for all today Paul . . . with this simple, profound statement. My heart melted at this entire post as I too always feel I need to be more of this, and be better at that, try harder here, and give a little more there. Everyday is a day of renewal, as the Holy Spirit works His mighty power of change in us, conforming us more and more into His image. I found in my life it has been a slow process, but worth every painful minute and has brought me into the fullness of His grace and mercy! ~ Blessings ~


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