Gentle Breeze aka Julia, wrote this back in May. Love connected us in August. Tonight I read this post. They say a dog is not just for Christmas. Well this post is not just for Easter.

“Perfect Love. Cast out all fear”

The answer is always Love, so get a-reading this post. 🙂

He leads me beside a moorland stream

Portugal (Holiday 2008) 014


At sunrise in the garden

Kind love met Mary Magdalene

She had no expectation of seeing

The dead man walking


After his recent encounter with death.

Sightless with grief

Joyfully she knew him

Only when in tenderness

He called her by name.

Behind locked doors they cowered

Frightened for their own lives

And for his final hours

Filled with shame for not being there for him

Knowing that almost to a man they had fled.

Love that keeps no record of wrongs


Within the midst of them

And with his greeting “Peace be with you”

Perfect love

Cast out all fear.

Thomas not being there in the chamber

Proclaimed that only through physical touch

Would he believe.

Patient Love,

Not easily angered

Knew what he demanded

And respectful love let Thomas

Touch the scars

Recently made,

More recently healed.

Perplexed companions travelled on a  journey

Away from…

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