Thank you dear Father

I was just reading VW (“How did you that job”) and her Very Wonderful words:

This one phrase caught and held me:
“you only have to provide the “yes” and God will provide the Spirit”

Then I bumped into Caleb Gallanger (“A Listening Friend”) and was blown out of my chair:

Wow! And “Wow” again!

And remembered Little Monk’s post (“Martian Chronicles: Good News”) about “significance”:

Be still and know … that I am significant. Be still and know that I am heard. Be still and connect. Be still. Still enough to hear. Still enough to be at one. Still enough to let me be with you.

And one of Levi Thetford’s posts pinged around all of that (“Change Comes First From Within”) which connected so deeply:

Levi. There are times when one-liners and t-shirts fall so short of expressing the depth of a thought or a word. This post is one of those times. Thank you.

And I feel humbled, grateful and wowed all in one!
Thank you!
Thank you
Thank you
Dear Father
For bringing each of us
Together in this church


12 thoughts on “Thank you dear Father

  1. Thank you for the connection to all these remarkable posts today. Reading Jesus’ words of compassion from the thoughts of others. Thank you, Father God. Thank you, Holy Spirit. Thank you, Paul. And yes, I second that Amen!


    • There is something really profound in this comment. We have had a busy weekend – and I saw this in my email updates when you added it – and the comment has lodged in my brain. But I cannot tell you why yet.
      Thank you Rebekah – if the “why” unwraps I will get back to you.
      But for pressing the pause button – thank you!!


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