You’re meant to say yes

God is Love.
Love never says no.
Love always gives.
Love is always nice.
Love never offends anyone or anything.
Love always laughs.
Love is always happy.
Love is weak.
God is a big fat jolly person.
God is like Father Christmas.
Father Christmas for grown-ups.

Jesus said to the disciples,
‘For to all those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance;
but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away’.

Matthew 25:29

Awwww shucks!
Now you gotta go and spoil it all!
That’s not what God does!
That’s not what love is!
Why do you spoil it – verses like that?
I could have loved you
It’s your fault – not mine.
That’s not the love I want.
You’re “God” –
You’re meant to say yes.
Why do have to go and spoil it all?


(Do you think this is what
God Soft Hands Jesus
Meant when He said
We must become children?)


11 thoughts on “You’re meant to say yes

  1. OMGosh. So funny. But that’s what we expect, isn’t it. We are Thursday’s child who “has far to go,” often acting as spoiled, rebellious children, expecting, “Yes,” even when it isn’t for our own good. We want what we want when we want it, forgetting He has the higher view, the better intention, the wiser solution. I think Jesus might have intended for us to become as Tuesday’s child, “full of grace.”
    Just MHO. 😉


    • Levi – you touched something profound there: an absence of fear, and total enjoyment of the moment. “They Know” no doubt! Ours are the same: “yes please!” is about as thoughtful as it gets for them – never a moment of hesitation!! (and I have had the odd scary moment when I thought I was dropping them – yet it never even “reaches them” that I might).
      The know no doubt!
      Thank you so much for that!!
      That has got my brain in gear!


  2. The key is to “trust” it opens the door to faith in God for all things . . . Satan is right there trying to keep it locked and slamming it in our face whenever he can! ~ Blessings in Jesus ~


    • I sometimes wonder how much we give help Satan a helping hand! Or maybe even think he is doing the pushing – when it is really just us not bothering to keep the door open.


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