That’s relationship

“Paul, I love your blog – tell me more about your faith …”

Well, thank you!
He and I talk all time you know …
ALL the time!
That’s relationship!

🙂 ~ ~ ~ 🙂

Talking the talk?
Count me in

Walking the walk?
YAY! Let’s begin

Travelling with Him?
It’s the only way

Facing the storm?
Scary hairy hail Marys

:-/ ~ ~ :-/ ~ ~ :-/

Talking the storm?
The Lord will provide! I think

Walking the storm?
My God why hast thou forsaken me!

Travelling the storm with Him?
Are You #%$$+!! nuts Lord?
I will lose everything!!!

:-/ :-/ :-/ :-/

Inspired by three beautiful blogs this morning.

Made me think. Really think.

Thank you.


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