Prayer … it ain’t heavy

I love this church!

All of the comments you wonderful peeps have added on the topic of prayer lean towards “listening” and guidance: one-on-one with our Lord and Father.

And as I sat here wondering about the “let us pray” of group gatherings – how this fitted into listening rather than reciting – how the list mentality works in “one-to-one guidance” – I saw a comment from Ruth:

“I’ve read that bit in Luke many time, but I never really saw it. Thanks so much for helping me to let it ‘sink in’. I’ve been a Christian all my life (well, since I was six). Prayer to me is like water to a fish–I rarely notice it. But prayer is so special and so strange and so important. Thanks for helping me notice the water.”

And without warning, the words “All I need is the air that I breathe”: The Hollies, came to mind.

So I popped onto YouTube. And as I listened to that song from my younger days, I spotted another one by them: “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother”.

Well … I LOVE that song! So I clicked “play” for fun and indulgence.

And as I luxuriated in the memories and ambience that very special music brings … the word “CONNECTION” drifted through my head. Connected … connection … connect … all connected … all one … all of this “bucket of dirt”. And He and I were one as we drifted together with the the words, the pictures, the harmonies … the memories.


PRAYING … is not heavy.

The Hollies: “He ain’t heavy – he’s my brother”

That this praying malarkey – and in particular this “group praying conundrum” – this constant “listphobia” we present as a group time after time (after time!) to our God when we are together …

Just maybe – when all is said and done (without any full and complete understanding or consistency) … without anything remotely “universal” for any of us …

Just maybe that IS ALL this “group prayer malarkey is all about”: it simply connects us all. Connects us all together.

Connecting me … to you … and Him … and him … and her … and them … and Him … all of us … wherever and whoever we are. Connecting us all again and again. That the format / list / hearing / telling / asking / begging / conduit / awareness / individuality … is not what it’s all about.

Maybe it ain’t heavy at all – it was never intended to be “heavy” – or universal – or the same for all.

That corporate/group prayer simply connects us.

Maybe …

Thank you all


20 thoughts on “Prayer … it ain’t heavy

  1. I like being Connected to you guys. Last night in our grief share group or Leader made a comment that the last four classes I had made a key comment about the main topic of discussion without knowing what she had written. Coicededence or connection. God said of one mind. Great thought brother. Be blessed today.

    Much love Tom


  2. Funny thing, yesterday at lunch with a group of great people, someone said something like this: instead of gathering or going to God begging Him with a list……… (sound familiar?) We need to adore Him……. come to him and sit with Him and just speak all His wonderful names and things He has done and promised. After time – it changes your whole perspective.
    and it does work – we have done this and still do and wow how our “lists” get shorter and even change.
    😀 Love you all
    cate b


  3. I have been hit and miss. I am homeschooling my 10 year old daughter now and I work also; But when I get a chance, I love to connect and reconnect with such wonderful brothers and sisters like you Paul!


  4. Oh, man! Sounds like I missed a wonderful discussion about one of my favorite topics in my blogging sabbatical. I’ve missed checking in here–just had to take a break from the Internet and hide away, just God and me. Then my mother-in-law passed away. It’s been quite the season around here. Anyway, missed this. Maybe I’ll find a few extra moments to go back and soak . . . one of the single most important things in my life is my prayer group. We’ve been meeting together every other week (initially it was once a month, but it just wasn’t enough!) for several years now. Five women. Committed to each other. Committed to HIM. Sometimes we talk and share our hearts and I think our prayer time is more just conversation, with Him hearing every word. Often we have periods of silence. Soak in the quiet. Seek refreshment. It is not unusual for the harmony of the Spirit we share to reveal new hope, new healing, new excitement to our hearts. I praise God for these special place where there is no competition, where we are vulnerable and honest, where we listen to each other’s heart and to the heart of God.


    • Paula, – you make me chuckle! “pray and prayer” seems to be a hot topic. And your slant on a small group meeting regularly – being “vulnerable and honest” – and where listening is key … makes my heart sing!

      My personal experience is more the Sunday congregation, or “kingdom work” gatherings where “let us pray” is about talking more than anything else.

      And … in the midst of everything happening in your life and living – thank you so much for popping up to add such wonderful thoughts. I saw your post, and have yet to find the time to “soak it up” gently and slowly.

      Thank you


  5. Paul, you make me cry for happy. Thanks for the lovely mention, but most of all thanks for providing this “Holy Space” of a blog to discuss such interesting and actually life-changing things!


    • Ruth – what a beautiful comment. Thank you.

      And I wandered across to your blog to see why I was not seeing more of your posts – to find I have become “disconnected” somehow. And as the theme is “connected” that was a surprise! So wandering through the recent posts – your “Picture Island” just went PING!! Thank you – again!

      🙂 ⭐ 🙂


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