Grace, Truth and dogwalks


GodJesus: “Grace, Truth … them, My Church … ?” Is there a linkage there, Paul?”
Me: “… ? … ? …”
GodJesus: “Marginalisation … truth … love … connection … ?”
Me: “… ? … ? …”
GodJesus: “Love … connection … grace … marginalisation … same sex relationships … “them” … ?”
Me: “… ? … ? …”
GodJesus: “Is there a connection there do you reckon, Paul?”
Me: “… ? … ? …”
GodJesus: “Any “linkage” maybe, Paul …?”
Me: “… … … … …”

Me: “Yep, Lord. There is.”
GodJesus: “Oh goody goody! I thought so …”
Me: “And your next line, Lord?”
GodJesus: “Over to you Paul?”
Me: “Oh goody goody! I thought so … Over to me Lord.”


Grace, Truth, Church, LGBT and “them” …


He does not – and never has – come out fighting. He has never pummelled me with scripture. He will not knock me down and keep me there for a count of ten. He does not do “bare knuckle” save the sinner bouts.

And here is where thinking about that “link” took me …

I can choose to read the bible. I can choose to strain the Gospels through my net of truth. Then put it through my internal separator machinery. Filtering all the grace and love, and gorging on that day after day. I can extract all this Pharisee bashing as how the “truth malarkey” is done. And then what do I do with the unpalatable bits? I “vomit them” – out of me – and all over “them”.

Is that not how I become “just another them”? Another “universal Pharisee” bad boy to others? Simply by thinking that “I Have Truth” – and an obligation to speak/write/live/act that “truth” all over you … and you … and you … and you … Like wot Jesus did.

And then came this (“oh crap”) kind of linkage …

Don Merritt talked of the Pharisees marginalising Jesus. That when they were attacked by Jesus they (I love this word – mine not Don’s) “dissed” Him using invention and insult. They used the well known “mud sticks vomit it all over someone else” approach. They did not gorge on truth either. (“A Word About Marginalizing”:

And I wonder (in this connected conversation He and I are having) might this just the “truth of the matter”?

That I “marginalise” the tough stuff as being “for others” not me? That I myself “diss” God Soft Hands Jesus when I see “the unsaved” … the “lost world” … the “sinners out there” … all the “them” I pass by in my sanitised disconnect?

So long as I see “them” in my head, heart, soul … I am marginalising God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit … I am disconnecting from those He loves (and came to die for) … I am gorging the good and vomiting the bits I don’t like.

And yet … He never gives up on me. He enjoys me. He loves me. He lets me “own” truth as we step forwards one day at a time.

Might that be the “truth” of “grace”?


14 thoughts on “Grace, Truth and dogwalks

  1. When ever I do choose to click into one of your posts… I am always at awe at the internal debate you are having with the Lord…. So lovely to read. And colour me envious. Keep on blogging. 🙂


    • The tune lost me a little so I went in search of the lyrics – and saw immediately why your musical ear played this one. Thank you. The words are beautiful:

      “Forever running but losing this race
      Were it not for grace”


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