Christmas shopping

God o’clock (or as Anniegrace1 commented: “aka: elastic time”) once again endowed my day with all that was needed. It was enough, He was enough and I was enough! What a gift! Gonna have some more of that today!!

And speaking of gifts – Don Merritt (“Now what” – is launching a spiritual gifts series today. I am popping across to have a look.

Because it is a subject I have heard discussed and there are verses to be read (as suggested by Don). And it is coming up to Christmas, so present shopping and gift lists will be on many to-do lists! That is really topical (… God o’clock …?)!

I remember that my dad was famous for his birthday/Christmas lists in our family. Not simply “ideas”. His was a specific and detailed list of items – and woe betide anyone who bought the “suggested item” to a different specification!

So as we approach a birthday or Christmas – that universal question will ring out loud and clear: What do you want for your birthday/Christmas?

And I wonder …

When was the last time that God Soft Hands Jesus called up and asked: What spiritual gifts do you want – I need to give you something for this “kingdom work malarkey” – come on tell me – what do you want?

I wonder why He never does that – and why we all expect it? This verses catalogue of goodies we browse. The sexy ones, the expensive ones, the useful ones, the practical ones, the ones we hope He never gives us …

>>> He tapped me on the shoulder as I typed that: ”Paul, you will offend many who never ask. Who do not think that way. That is not good. That is not loving.”

If you are reading this and are offended, that is not my intention at all. If I am missing the point here – please indulge me for a few more words and then be offended. Thank you.

Because what other reason could there possibly be (if I think I am already gifted) to look in the mirror and see imperfections … to see “not good enough” … to compare ourselves to others … Why would we look around and see “sinners” … see “them“ over there … not yet good enough for Him …?

Because if I truly believe that I am already endowed by my Creator … that I am already His perfect Creation – then that must apply to each and every one of us – that we all are His perfect Creations … So why would I do that even once? Why would I see imperfections and sinners and us and them?

(and if you have never ever done that, please let me know so that I can apologise)

So I am curious. I want to understand better this label of “Spiritual Gifts” and how it all works. Really works. So I am heading to Don’s place for a cuppa and some gentle conversation.

How about you?


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