The being imperfect

Religion is religion no matter it’s brand name.  A job title always brings tunnel vision of one kind or another.  Avoiding us and them is not a natural human trait.  Loving others is not always possible no matter my intent. Being cold and wet and wondering if I can get warm may mean “I feel therefore I am alive”. But it doesn’t stop me being cold and wet! Even when I forget Him, He is still there.  Everywhere.  In everything. And He is big enough for each of us to be who we are – all of the time.

And that is the biggest bummer of all.

Because it is also true of the ones who haven’t a clue. The ones who grind my teeth.  Who go out of their way to wind me up. Who just don’t care.  Who never seem to have had the plot to lose! Even “them”!

It was quite a day yesterday.

And as He tenderly strokes and rearranges some of the bits we shared over the last twenty-four hours, He squeezes my shoulder and whispers:

“I never created you to be perfect. I never expect you to be perfect. All I ever desire is that you love Me. As best you can.  Imperfectly.”

And having settled that, He turned up the volume, kicked out the recliner, and replayed the day again for both of us.

Because it is only the being imperfect which tells me …

“I am alive”


18 thoughts on “The being imperfect

  1. A thought if I may. Loving others is difficult sometimes. Excpessialy the ones that make us uncomfortable. However trying our best to love them through Christ is all we can do. It does the unlovable great good to be loved, even though it may make them uncomfortable at times. Now for us, I believe that at least part of the reason God commands us to love our enemies is it releases us to live, to be alive as you said. To be restored and in relationship with Christ. To be one with him. There is no room for hate or malice in God’s world. That being said, there is dislike for the way some folks act or the way they are. It does not mean we can’t Love then through Christ. Liking and loving are different, at least in my book and the one I am reading. Paul I have a neighbor who I have butted heads with on several occasions. We are like two dogs barking at a fence. I have made attempts at getting along with him. He absolutely seems to hate me. This made me bitter and angry for sometime. After Kelly’s death God was able to speak to my heart about some things in my life. I had better clarity if you will on some situations. Loving others and setting boundaries for some situations , us and them, was one subject God spoke to my heart about. It is a waste of God’s and my time for me to put so much energy into what others choose. I can not nor will they let me control them. So I set boundaries and love through Christ. Praying is a good way to love. Be blessed Paul. Love, peace, humble.

    Much love Tom

    • Tom, great comments as always. Thank you.
      “It is a waste of God’s time and my time …” And as we have a great deal less – a point well made.
      I am not sure if my words come across as a little down. Because I was filled with wonder and love and peace as we reviewed a very full twenty four hours. Filled with moments that kept on coming. A “ponderfull” day!! A wonderful day.

      • Not at all brother. Peace, love, Humble are words I use like much love to remind me of how I need to be living. I love that you ask questions and seek answers. I do also. It causes me to grow. Much love to a special brother in Christ.

  2. It’s only when we come to the knowledge of spiritual things that we begin to scratch the surface of what we see around us. I’m still learning. Love? What’s that? I’ve heard about it, read about it and had sermons preached on what it should be!

    I’ve never actually seen it in action, except in qualified comments on this site, and, of course, reading the Bible. And I’m supposed to walk like that. It’s hard to learn how it’s exactly done. I’ll never be able to say I’ve ever achieved it, but I hope, in some small way, I’ve tried.

    May God almighty give you a better day today, Paul.

    • We have a one year old grandson. Watching him reminded me of our children. How we learn by forgetting there is a win/lose. There is just curiosity. Enough to keep trying over and again. When the curiosity stops, when the win/lose takes over, when it all becomes hard work … maybe that gives love so little room … we forget what that feels like.
      I like curious.
      (and this was one really full day of many more ups than downs – many many more)

  3. Paul, there will always be those who don’t care; all we can do is plant seeds. Some soil prefers to be distracted by desire for wealth, power or other things. We cannot take away their choice. It is not ours to give.

    Cold and wet; bedraggled. I’ve certainly been there. Yet…it reminds me of a retriever, soaked to the bone, and God made that dog’s nature to shake and shake until every wet drop flies off in all directions. (Think slow motion.) Now, instead of sopping, cold and small, that dog looks puffy, warm, content and ready to tackle life again. He has given us a Spirit of courage, of love, of self control. (2 Timothy 1:7)

    That’s the great thing about dogs – they’re in the moment. They don’t ruminate about the past or worry about strategies of other dogs. They focus on their master. If only we could have that kind of intelligence and loyalty, eh? 😉

    • Susan – beautiful! Slo-mo of drips flying everywhere! And despite not having that weird dog-spine to do that myself, I have that weird head-brain to do that mentally anytime I remember!

      Thank you!!

  4. I really liked this. Our quest for perfection often blinds us to the big picture which is all about Him. I think when we are so busy trying to live up to God we forget He is reaching down to us, especially when we are wet, cold, unloving and unlovable.

  5. Great post as usual. It is strange to see things from His perspective, isn’t it? The old religious, performance-driven me used to be afraid of that. But now I understand what you wrote here. That often what He sees is different. He sees my heart to love, my desire to do well, not my every imperfection. Where I see failure He often sees growth. Where I feel stalemated, He sees progress. What an amazing God to see us as we truly are, as the way He made us, as the us we are because of the cross.

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