Ave Maria

When you were (are?) young did you ever ask a friend to ask that “never spoken to them but flirted from a distance and just know they are the love of my life” hormone-stirrer-of-the-moment for a date?

And were you ever asked for a date by the friend of one who “phworred” you from a distance?

I remember those games. The playground romances. The way it was done back then.

And now …

As one in a long-term relationship – a deep and satisfying relationship (maybe even with that partner invited by proxy) – what would you think if that same arrangement continued?

What would you think if “the friend” of your soul mate, your partner, your lifetime passion continued to be the go-between? That your soul mate still did not dare to approach you directly? That you were not trusted with direct conversation?

Hmmmm …

Now let’s talk about Mary.

Because it has always struck me as a little odd the veneration Mary receives. Not that Mary sought the veneration awarded her. This pedestal was erected after the event and she was simply hoiked onto it without being asked (as so often happens with much of this God stuff).

“Hail Mary, full of grace; Ave Maria, gratia plena.” – the Hail Mary, also commonly called the Ave Maria (Latin) or Angelic Salutation, is a traditional Catholic prayer asking for the intercession of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus.

My confusion and pondering is not whether “Mary is a good chap”. My pondering is why so many need to put layers between themselves and God Soft Hands Jesus. A pondering as to why that is the preferred way to relationship for so many – having a go-between.

Is that “relationship” as we would choose to have relationship for ourselves?

And if not – why do we think that is the ideal relationship which God Soft Hands Jesus seeks for us?

“Dear Mary, can you ask Jesus to ask God over there … ”

Always seemed nuts to me.


4 thoughts on “Ave Maria

  1. I read a blog once of a Catholic who has a relationship directly with Jesus – they talked about the Mary relationship….. it made sense to them (they, having became a Catholic to marry) – after much seeking. Their post even sounded good – of course I don’t remember what they said and I still can’t see the point – when I have Jesus right here…… inside me. He’s kinda close by………


    • Hi Cate. I keep reading that last line above and wincing a little. “Nuts” quite a strong word. Yet it does seem just that.
      “He’s kinda close by” – for you as well? 🙂
      Thank you for you words. They helped a lot today.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. As an Episcopalian, asking Mary to get Jesus’ attention always seemed nuts to me too. However, I think Mary rocks because she said “yes” when God asked her to do something completely impossible. I can only hope for that kind of courage/faith/trust.


    • Love that Ruth – “Mary rocks”! She sure does!

      And the thing that goes my mind – if that happened to anyone of us (and it does in different ways) there are so many who do not even realise they have that same courage/faith/trust. You with your healing ministry. Just “doing it” without fanfare. Different name, different request – same courage/faith/trust.

      You rock Ruth!! 🙂


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