Too many people are confused about atheism…REALLY???

Kenneth Justice writes about many things as he sips his coffee. His faith is something he talks of infrequently. You just know. I like that.

His last two blogs have been very much “KJ and God”. Today’s post carried this conclusion:

“Whether or not you believe what I believe is inconsequential, I will love you as myself until the day I die”.

I reckon all of us should have that as a tattoo somewhere very visible …

Culture Monk


By Kenneth Justice

~ At coffee recently an evangelical acquaintance of mine went on a long tirade against atheists, “If you have a worldview that is absent of God then you have no morals; you are left with everyone doing whatever they want and mass chaos” he said

Twenty years ago I might have said the same thing. I used to believe quite vehemently that being a Christian was the only way to ensure a society of peace and tranquility. Then I actually started reading history and boy was I wrong, after all it was “Christian” America that went to war against the Native Americans, Mexico, and a whole host of other wars and battles that stain the history of our country. But it wasn’t even history that woke me up; it was merely living amongst other Christians and being on the other end of their unpleasantness that left me…

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