Sleepless Apathy

One baby Jesus. One heart at a time. One lifetime. One relationship. One true Love.

For …. always … I have seen “three” as “The Number”. This year He is pointing us to just one. I am one. You are one. He is one. We are as One.

I wonder … is “the definition of eternity” simply the number one? Everything touches us one thing at a time, one experience at a time, one moment at a time. We have The One within, we live one moment at a time, we are in the moment with the One.

Maybe that is why He came as a baby. One small baby. One ordinary baby. To touch us one at a time, to be with us as one, to allow us to touch others one at a time. All of us. Just one.

I read this post – and He whispered one word again: “one”. Made it real. Made it “Christmas”.

Old Man of Skinny Jeans

Waking in the middle of the night at about 3am, in the middle of what sounded akin to a hurricane outside, was not pleasant. Even worse, however, was the struggle to get back to sleep as my mind turned to and remembered the events of the evening before. Christmas shopping in town, I’d passed by a homeless man bedded down for the night in a window crevice behind Tesco Metro. I’d then walked quickly on, putting the event to the back of my mind; ignorance always is bliss, they say, and spares a guilty conscience. After a coffee up the street I’d totally forgotten about the rough sleeper.

Now, waking at 3am, all I could think about was him. Him, sleeping out in the blowing wind, the biting cold, the driving rain. How can he be living in this, while I tuck in bed? Or rather, should I ask, why…

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