Think Again!

Christmas Eve – all that last minute family stuff to do …

“And that got me thinking. If I had a daughter, a son…if YOU had a daughter, a son…and that child, after years of nurturing suddenly went off the rails, and wound up ‘out there’, in the big wide world alone, far away from you, wouldn’t you want to know that they were being cared for? No matter what they had done, no matter how low they had sunk, no matter how helpless you felt, wouldn’t you be praying every night that someone, somewhere was helping them? Wouldn’t you want to know that wherever they were that night, someone, somewhere, would be willing to lay all judgement aside and just feed them, clothe them?”

I read these words – this dark Christmas Eve morning – and was reminded of just “why Christmas” is so important to celebrate.


2 thoughts on “Think Again!

  1. I had one like that Paul, Kelly was wayward at one time. You pay and trust God alot more. Then there is no guarantee in life you get to keep them. Life is hard and sad sometimes. It is also very precious. Cherish all we have is all you can do. Make time for what’s really important, relationships and family is at the top for us. Life goes by quick. I enjoyed this post. So sorry for their loss

    Much love to you Paul you have a tender heart my brother.

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