Fullness and Emptiness

“The fullness needs the emptiness in which to make itself manifest.”






And I found myself pondering …
Can I be loved when I am filled of anger
Can I love someone full of fear if their fear disallows
Would anything filled already of baggage allow

“The fullness needs the emptiness in which to make itself manifest.”

Dear Father

You brought these eleven words today.
A day when I was full of too much
To let you in.
You saw me searching
For You.
A day when pulling the plug was the last thing
On my mind.
Your brought me
These eleven words today.
And now
Empty of all that “baggage”
(at least for now)
I can be full, I am full,
Of You.

Thank you.

(excerpt from a piece by: Margaret Silf “Daily Inspiration for Women” – http://www.sacredspace.ie/ )


8 thoughts on “Fullness and Emptiness

  1. Beautiful! A pastor used a visual once that resonated with me- he took a glass vase, half filled with rocks, and poured water into it until it overflowed. Then as he took each rock out- he was able to pour even more water into the vase. We are like that. The more we let go of ourselves, the more we can fill up on Him! Thank you for this post 🙂


    • Julie – thank you. I am familiar with filling things up – so much is written about that. All this outflowing and stuff. This one stopped me. Being empty in order to be full. Your picture of a vase with rocks resonates. Thank you.

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  2. I jumped on your word “searching”. Last year I led an Advent group. This year it didn’t quite work out. People kept cancelling it on me. They were too busy or thought my mum wouldn’t be up to it after my dad’s death. We held it at their home so that they could attend. I had themes, which we were following in a poetry book. One theme i plucked out was the difference between “waiting” and “searching”. We were going to look at examples in the bible. Another theme was stepping out in faith and following the star- a kind of searching. I introduced this to my family one of the holiday days. The aim was for a sort of prayerful meditation. Again it didn’t quite work out. I couldn’t get the CD to work and when it did it wasn’t quite the Christmas CD I thought I remembered. However i wrote a prayer on my star. Here it is:
    ” Following a star is harder said than done. No-one knows where it will lead, it takes faith to step out into the dark, not knowing the destination. Doubts may arise as we follow and wonder where we are going. We may find ourselves in the middle of nowhere. We need to hold you as guide and shepherd on the way. And to keep our eyes on the light and beauty on the journey!. We want to enjoy the journey with its ups and downs as well as the destination.” Amen
    Before my dad died we were in a period of waiting. Now we are in a period of searching as the dynamics now have changed and we need to find a new way. Think of us.
    And thank you for your honest post.


    • Julia, odd thing that searching. Odd thing His answer. And just like a star the following (and looking) continues. Seeing things a little differently. I wonder so often why it is that I am receptive to His odd way of showing me things – yet so resistant to the odd ways others show me things. He can be weird and I ponder, others can be weird and I demand clarity. He demands nothing and I want to give everything, others demand something even when they are not – so I want to see inside all the time. Want to know if it is safe to give before I do. And worried it might be too late. All at the same time.

      Thank you for your words. I was surprised to find how out how “un-empty” I am of my stuff.


      • I don’t know if this fits with what you are thinking about. My Bible notes for Christmas Day were based on John 1:1-14. Nothing unusual there. The writer Kate Hughes concentrated on verse 11.
        “He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him.”
        She commented:
        “Do we recognise the voice of God if the word of encouragement, guidance, judgement, love comes to us from someone we dislike, from a child or a subordinate, or someone who isn’t a Christian? As followers of Christ and lovers of God, we are now his people, his own.
        Commit yourself to receiving God in whatever way he comes to you, so that He can never say of you: ” I came to you as one of my own, but you did not receive me.” ”
        Her words fell on me afresh from both points of view: me trying to communicate the voice of God to someone who would not receive it; and me being too full of my own stuff to receive His word from another.
        Good thing He keeps hold of us when we lose hold of Him.
        All the Best for tomorrow. Is it another year?


      • Julia, now that is a timely reminder and a wonderful observation. The “emptying” fits perfectly! All my life I have been a fixer. Take things apart, put them back together again (and often then straight to the recycle bin when they still don’t work) – and always with the “at least I tried” mentality. the “I don’t give up on you that easily” thought.

        This Christmas I have been confronted with the unfixable – at least not within my power. And learning that “fixing” is not a skill, it is a moment of “rightness” presented less often than we like to think … that has caused a lot of thought. That the listening (from all sources no matter how they arrive) is tougher when my head is full of “how to”. I have also seen someone whose head is full of the “cannot do that and this or the other” does not hear. Not properly.

        We all do “it” to each other so often: I have your solution. And all too often miss the quite whisper (or scream of agony): “I come to you – are you receiving? Over.”

        Love your comment – thank you!!



  3. This was good for me today, Paul. I have not been able to write for days. Too full of stuff and I don’t even know what the stuff is. :-/ Either that, or He just wants me hibernating for a while. And resistance to His timing is always futile.Whether or not I “feel” productive, I trust He is always working in me. He harvests fruit, and e-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y, His fruit will ripen through me. You, too, brother. You, too.


    • Susan, odd that you comment as you do. So many times I feel the urge, and yet the words don’t sit right, they become too confused for even me to follow when I read them back, so often He looks over my shoulder and nods – then gives a sort of “whatever” kind of shrug. And I know. So often the delete button. And yet I find even that a connection. Often with no understanding – just a connection. And isn’t that what this is all about?

      A sort of dusting the cobwebs together!

      Happy New Year Lovely Lady!!


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