We could learn a lot from God

Whatever picture, words, logic works for you – just as electricity must flow in order to be “electricity” – so must love.

Whatever biblical passages, verses, logic works for you – just as love must flow in order to be “loving” – so must God.

God is plugged in. God is connected. God is the biggest baddest bestest powerhouse around. And until and unless we find the socket in ourselves – it ain’t worth a can of beans.

“But I love God, I desire God, I want to be as one with God”

And until and unless we allow the socket He needs – it always will be a “want”.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

”I can’t forget. If I could – then I could love you.”

And you never will whilst you keep that socket covered. Defined as your own customised 64-pin ribbon socket. The ones we all used way back in the day. Petrified like stone. And now a museum piece. And still “my way or the highway.”

”I have told you what I want. You know what you have to do.”

Change. The final frontier. The one so many see as over the horizon. The flat earth mentality: “If I go there I fall off the edge.” I can not, I will not, that is not who I am.

”We will never agree. So there is no point in even trying.”

Whatever picture, words, logic works for you – whatever biblical passages, verses, logic works for you –

My patience is not eternal. My love is not unconditional. I do not have to love you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Few of us have matching sockets. The nice neat shiny ones into which we plug a connection of love. Matching his and hers sockets, his and his sockets, hers and hers sockets, “our sockets”.

And so we do not connect with each other, with our family, with strangers. With other cultures, beliefs, religions, faiths, strangers … all the labels and pigeon holes we carry in our internal sorting office.

And then we do not try to connect. So often we do not even try. So often we do not actually give up – we never even get off the sofa – already convinced the race is not for us.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There are no “matching sockets”.

There is simply a connection which allows. Which flows. And flows so well we forget the connection. It just is. And always was.

My wife – my soulmate – my best friend? Before all of that – an immature self-centred liability. She was sixteen and I was twenty-four. First impressions? No connection.

Our children – our gene bearers for a new generation – our pride and joys? After all that pink pooh-sleep-feed-pooh-sleep stuff. Second impressions? Why do some pull the plug on relationship?

Connections need sockets – and there are no universal sockets.

But there is an infinite combination of work-arounds, compromises, sellotape and string bodges, museum relics and hi-tech patches, so many “that will never ever work” working (and working perfectly) stories.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have learned something this Christmas.

That when we do not need “the other person” to figure out the size, shape, spec and precise socket in us … when we do not need to figure out theirs … when all we need is the desire to connect … when that is the only thing …

Then we will connect.

We do not need to have the “right connection”. We do not need to have the right socket. We do not need anything at all. Because once we connect – the “equipment” fades into irrelevance.


When we try and find the right “connection” we really mean we have yet to find matching sockets. We control freak the equipment. We jam a two pin plug into a three pin socket. And then give up.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We could learn a lot from God.

He waits to be invited. And so often He never is. He waits. Not for the right connection. Nor for the matching socket. He does not try to figure out the equipment.

He waits until we invite. And then We flow. He and Me. Him and You. We flow.

And what might cause that change in us?

From the darkest deepest place to the lightest flightiest whim. From the most grittiest painful agony to the most insignificant momentary insight. Anything at all. Everything at all. Always something our of our control. And always in the other person. God does not control us. He never can. He never desires to.

So why do we so often? Why do we insist connection should happen, that relationship should be? Why do we walk around with a “Paul pin plug” when “Paul pin sockets” are our own invention?

Never insist on matching sockets as the answer.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We could learn a lot from God.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Happy New Year xxx


14 thoughts on “We could learn a lot from God

    • BJ, don’t know about your writing – sometimes I write and then read. And wonder how that makes any sense to anyone else. And I get a nudge: you don’t need to know. Okey dokey dear Father – if you say so.

      Getting to know God has been the best thing to happen to me as well. 🙂


  1. I chuckle at your comment to be about people not understanding you. I made the same comment in my last post. We must be on target when it only makes since to God and a little bit to us. Mine is more a effort of not being educated in writing enough to express my thoughts. On your post today bro. Relationships is where it is all at. A good one never seems to match up. The just grow to be of like mind. At least that had been my experience. I have some friends I would have never met had it not been for God.

    Much love Tom


    • Tom, I have been tussling with something very important to me. And yet He has allowed me to tussle whilst nudging gently an alternative. That “connecting” does not require both of us to know how the other thinks. Or to even understand how the other thinks. That comes after – maybe.

      But it does require a desire to connect, a desire to listen and a desire to accept something bigger than “I understand” and “I agree”. all my life I have wandered around looking for a three-pin socket in others – so that my three-pin plug will connect painlessly. That all fell apart as the answer every time.

      And as for “expressing writing”? I love your words. I love your writing. I love connecting with something bigger in you. And – if not for Him (as you so ri8ghtly point out) – would we ever have met? And so many others. So many!!

      Keep writing. You make so much sense!!


      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks Paul for the kind comment. I want to share a story with you. It is a very significant story for me. If I may? It has similarities to your three pins.

        Carolyn and I used to walk for expertise at the park by the house. Every day we would run across this chunky homley looking misfit of a fellow. Not someone I would have wanted to hang with. I am way to cool looking for that. (I know I am the only one that thinks like that and judge folks like that).
        I would look at him every time we made a lap, everyday. Then something said speak to him. He will enjoy a cool guy like you taking to him lol. So I told Carolyn I’m going to say hi next time around. Yep there he was. Hi how are you? He just kept walking, nothing, nota! Not one word. The gawl of that guy. Cool me speaking to him umph. I told Carolyn did you see that guy. She laughed at me and said Yep. He had ear phones on maybe he didn’t hear you. Yea that’s it. I will get him tomorrow.
        We’ll tomorrow came and the next day and then weeks. Still no talkie. Now I’m a extrovert and dang hard-headed redneck. I want giving up.

        I never gave any thought to why. Or who was nudging me. (Pauls word). Well one day on the back side this much slimmer fellow spoke on his own.

        He spoke so softly I could barely hear him. His name was Jeff Snavley. I liked him immediately. It took about 1 minuet to discover he was a strong introvert and said absolutely nothing, just nodded and smirked at me. Man…..

        Well the spring turned into summer and I was in a men’s group at church one day and in walked Jeff. Seems he had been going to church there for a long time. He didn’t speak to anyone and no one spoke to him. Except me, cool guy. Everyone spoke to me. How could you not. I wouldn’t let you not speak to me lol. I said hello Jeff, then I proceeded to share with everyone how we had met. Remember this is significant to me. I bragged on him and shared what small information I knew about him. He nodded and grinned. Everyone was like so, him, what’s so interesting about Jeff. Over time I found out his sister and Mom worked with Carolyn at the airbase. Small world, maybe not?
        I am a leader by nature. So I helped had up the men’s group. My partner in crime asked me to lead a series we were embarking on. I said ok, then wham! I will give this to Jeff. After all I have spent the last several months drawing him out of his closet and building him up. I preyed and pulled on him until he gave up and said yes in a whisper.
        I believe leaders make leaders not lead. I believed Jeff would be the best one yet. You see Jeff was involved with nothing except home and his geek stuff. I thought was not important, but was I wrong. Well it didn’t set week with my partner that I had given Jeff the job to lead that series when he had delegated it to me,but hey Jesus said do it so you know I did it. Jeff lead and did great. He got involved and came to other events. He went on to run the sound booth and take offering up at church. He has made many friends.
        Who got the biggest benefit of this relationship that two totally opposite men had. I did. I growed like you would not believe. No one knew the story but God and now you. Jeff Snavley or was it God changed my life for evermore. Jeff is my best friend. He listens I talk.
        You see I had a three prong plug looking for a three prong hole. You are right on target old wise man. This idea of yours God put there is for all relationship’s God included. We learn so much when we are a open book Humble, trusting and loving. Thank you again for sharing those presious thoughts with me.

        Much love Tom

        PS happyyyyy new year bro.


      • “No one knew the story but God and now you. Jeff Snavley or was it God changed my life for evermore. Jeff is my best friend. He listens I talk.”

        Tom, what a way to start a new year! Your words contain so much, share so much, and connect to so many truths in so many gentle and subtle ways.

        They are falling like perfectly formed snowflakes on my soul. Both insulating and gently melting. And ever so beautiful. Connecting all the senses.

        Thank Tom. Thank you.


  2. “Never insist on matching sockets as the answer.”….love this! It is only through His power, His grace, and His love that He connects us. My closest friends are the ones that dont share my same hobbys or interests…but our relationship with Him makes us truly like sisters.


    • Julie, I have been chasing this thought around in hundreds of words. And you pop up three and half lines of the essence: “… our relationship with Him makes us truly like sisters.”



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