New Year bah humbug and all of that …

I remember the millennium. When I woke up the following morning planes were still flying, consumerism was still consuming, and the only thing grinding to a halt was bleary brain cells recovering from too much alcohol the night before.

Christmas, for me, has always been a celebration of love.

New Year, for me, always a celebration of something I have never quite got.

I am not sure of the “bah humbug” label when it applies to adding one more digit to the chronology of the calendar (feel free to enlighten me).

I am not convinced by New Year Resolutions – always wondering why the power to be resolute in self-sacrifice of one kind or another should peak at the beginning of a new year and a new month and one new day out of 365.

I am curious as to the significance of the “manana mindset” – tomorrow is when I will be (whatever blank tomorrow will endow) and then I can look in the mirror and be proud!

Is it just me, or does that have the sound of “putting things off”? Or is that just my New Year humbug approach?

Yet – if that mindset works for you … who am I to douse you with cold water … rain on your parade … bah humbug all over you?

GSHJ crept in quietly. In a weird “no publicity” kind of way. And – as with all babies – when the mother’s “time is near”, you forget “what day” – because “what day” is not how that stuff happens.

“I baptize with water,” John replied, “but among you stands one you do not know. He is the one who comes after me, the straps of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie.” John 1:26-27

Among you stands One you do not know.

So I wonder if GSHJ ever made a new year’s resolution? This year I will lose a few (whatever the unit of weight was back in the day) … This year I will work less and appreciate my family more … This year I will go to the Temple every Friday … This year I will make Daddy proud of me … This year I will look in the mirror and like who I see looking back …

Among you stands One you do not know.

And maybe never will … if waiting for January 1st each year is when the stuff of life and living begins. And then peters out so soon after.

Among you stands One you do not know. GSHJ creeps in quietly. No resolutions required. And changes the stuff of life and living. The inside stuff. The mindset stuff.

John was not worthy to even fiddle with GSHJ’s feet.

I am. So are you.

But I think He prefers us to look Him in the eye. Snuggle in close. Whisper together. Fall in love together. All the time. For ever and ever.

So I am curious …

Hands up all those who made a new year’s resolution to fall in love today …


6 thoughts on “New Year bah humbug and all of that …

  1. I’m falling in love again 🙂

    Oh and about new year and resolutions. Sometimes the end of something acts as a marker (or milestone if you wish) of sorts. People just feel a lot more courageous to face the things they’ve been unable to do all year, and more hopeful that a new year will bring something better for them.

    You can’t kill hope, Paul. It’s the very reason we can go to sleep at night, making plans for a new day, while being completely unaware as to our possibility of seeing that new day.

    Without hope where are we?

    • Hi Uju – and good morning to you! I hope (!) that killing hope was not the message. If that is what comes across to you, my apologies – and thank you for adding your words.

      And as for plans? As a recovering control-freak I know all about plans!! 🙂

      If they work for you, please ignore everything here. For my own thought is simply this: why are not the other 364 days worth considering … why is “this present moment” not the time when we allow Him to change us? Why wait – and where in that waiting is a resolution to love better.

      Here is to courage – no matter when and where it works best! 🙂

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