They do not fear fire

Often I am amazed by firefighters. Not by the sentimental rose-coloured “Saviours of the Universe” – not even by their hunky uniforms (as I have heard some of the ladies comment with a drool).

I am amazed that they do not fear fire. They do not fear that raging demon of iniquity. They turn up with sirens blaring, lights a-flashing, size up what needs to be done – and then get to work.

That always amazes me.

And I have heard, I have seen, and “I know” all about the equipment, the science, the training. I know in my head why. But emotionally? I remain amazed.

And the thing that always gets me?

They have so much fun when the cameras go into a station and focus on the one cooking breakfast or dinner. Always the hilarity. Always the wind-ups. And always interrupted by the klaxon as they all troop off to the next call.

Why do I mention this?

I am seeing a load of the same theme and message in the blogs of 2015. There is a depressing familiarity with 2014. With 2013. And probably every year preceding year as well.

The theme of “no one promised the good life to a Christian”. The theme of “how much pain and suffering can you take”. The message of “give it all up baby – you know you don’t want to – but you gotta – you really gotta!”

I am not sure what appeal this has for those yet to find the joy and relationship of our Lord. Because I find less and less reason for that message either. I wonder sometimes if I am becoming a Godly firefighter. The science and the training and the equipment? That’s how you get the job done. That’s how you stay safe. Most of the time. And sometimes bad things happen. That’s the job.

And when I keep seeing the Godly messages of pain and suffering – the question repeated so often: just how much commitment have you really given? Whilst I know in my head why. I know why this theme of deprivation and hardship keeps being pounded and pounded …

Emotionally it sucks! More and more it is missing the point for me.

Just as a firefighter would dismiss my fears and concerns on their behalf. Because when I look at firefighters – I only know from the outside – not the inside. I only know with my head – not my heart. I am not a firefighter. I am a wannabee.

I look at firefighters with amazement. I look at what they do. I look at what they are. I look at how they behave.

Because they don’t talk much. They don’t tie themselves in knots about how much you gotta give, how much pain you gotta bear, but dammit all – someone’s got to do it!

They simply shrug their shoulders and get the job done.

And the most amazing thing of all?

For each and every “firefighter vacancy” – there are so many more who apply. Every vacancy is so oversubscribed. So many people want to become firefighters. Every time.

It makes me wonder sometimes.


15 thoughts on “They do not fear fire

  1. OK. I get this. And I am with ya. We need to be Hope Bringers (you are one). My hubs and I try to be the same….. some blogs I follow (sigh) lack such Hope and I know that is why I am in their life. Like you are to many.
    Hey – check out my hubs words of hope at (shameless plug).
    I like the visual of a Firefighter. We who know Him need to be more like Firefighters – THEN the churches will be overflowing and people wanting more of Him (that is directed to some pastors) –
    before I do an entire blog post here…………..
    Keep it up Paul. Keep the hope flowing to the hopeless. It is so easy for us all to lose focus in this world……. You are a Hope Center – YOU are – Bring it!

    • Cate, I see you flooding Facebook with colour an fragrance. I read your words and your comments, your thoughts and insights. And I love this one: some blogs lack … and I know that is why I am in their life.
      Thank you for the community. Thank you for the encouragement.

      And as for “hubs” words: Just Thinking ……. July 7, 2013
      This year, two years and two weeks after that date, we are looking forward to bring grandies – for a third time. Hope!! Faith!! Love!! Bring it on in deed and thought and word (and grandchildren)!!


    • Thanks Levi. Yep, there are always many perspectives. Just as there are many notes in this great diverse orchestra He assembles. Are you in the downcast mode? From my perspective – as the inspiration for many t-shirts in my life – I hope not. 🙂

      • I was just wondering. Im always open to constructive help and others opinions are how i can find out. Thanks man. Its too cold here to be in t-shirts here right now. But i do have neat sweatshirts. Lol. Have a great weekend!!

  2. I am seeing, I want to be humble, quite, more patient and loving. I get the strong picture that there is no right way only a willingness to be obedient as I can and in God’s will as much as possible. Never have been much on the religious aspect of things. Old saying in my circle. If your going to be a Christian you need skin like a rhino. Otherwise don’t get offended to quickly. Easy come easy go. Everyone’s got something they want to do for God. I thank God for that. I try not to spend too much time worrying about what others do or don’t do. It makes me judgmental. I got enough problems to iron out without adding to them. I believe it takes alot of tenacity, perseverance and downright stubbornness to stay the course as a Christian. I appluad and welcome anyone trying to run the race. Some just run it different than others. It’s a journey not set in concrete. Requires faith and a willing heart. This is not directed and anybody just my four cents lol! By the way brother Paul I love you and appreciate your views. Iron sharpens iron friend.

    Joy and peace to you

  3. I come home tonight and you have me cracking up! In a good way of course.
    We are to be light, not the ones turning the lights out! I’m not as “practical” as I used to be but that has allowed me to accept and expect the extraordinary in my “walk.”
    I appreciate the analogy with the firefighters. They usually aren’t ones for a lot of “talk” explaining what they do, they just get the hard stuff done. Great message for us “Christians” in that. 🙂

    • “We are to be the light, not the ones turning the lights out!”
      What a fab description Lilka.
      Let’s all say no to fear!!
      (And thank you for the “cracking up” comment – that has just made my day!!)

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