I feel like I’m drowning…

The wonder of living in a caring community is just that. Caring. Compassion. And fun. Let’s not forget fun. Well, BDX you happen to be part of this caring community. And I am confident that as soon as others see your words – you will read the truth in that. What about it folks? Care to share and care with some wordy hugs?

And for me? I relate. Oh yes! Young or old – people who love you have a need to keep you safe. Help you succeed. Make things better. And sometimes that gets very claustrophobic. I have been done to, and I have done to others. Tricky thing this love stuff!

And as for the grumps? Don’t let your grumps control you! You show them who’s boss! Man, I love kickin them grumps – seeing them fly! Release the grumps – set them free – let them go and live their own lives – get a job – take a holiday – decide if there is more to life than grumping. Poor grumps! Keeping them all you yourself!! Free the Grumps! 🙂


Not literally but does anyone get what I mean? I feel like I have lost total control over everything in my life and I’m slowly sinking…getting worse every day.

I feel like my parents are taking control of my life and living it how they want to, my opinion is no longer needed. But why can’t they understand it’s my life not theirs!

And on top of that my school work just keeps piling up…I just feel I’m constantly working and I never even get breaks anymore…

Every day I wake up in the morning and will something to happen that means I don’t have to get out of bed, but it never happens. And I’m left to live my life, another day the same.

I just don’t even know what to do anymore. I feel like I have so many problems weighing me down and stressing me out I…

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