I feel like I’m drowning…

The wonder of living in a caring community is just that. Caring. Compassion. And fun. Let’s not forget fun. Well, BDX you happen to be part of this caring community. And I am confident that as soon as others see your words – you will read the truth in that. What about it folks? Care to share and care with some wordy hugs?

And for me? I relate. Oh yes! Young or old – people who love you have a need to keep you safe. Help you succeed. Make things better. And sometimes that gets very claustrophobic. I have been done to, and I have done to others. Tricky thing this love stuff!

And as for the grumps? Don’t let your grumps control you! You show them who’s boss! Man, I love kickin them grumps – seeing them fly! Release the grumps – set them free – let them go and live their own lives – get a job – take a holiday – decide if there is more to life than grumping. Poor grumps! Keeping them all you yourself!! Free the Grumps! 🙂


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