NOAA 42 — IFR Living

That “burden” … that “cross” … those “He never promised us an easy ride” kind of moans and groans I keep reading?

Might not have become any more “fun” – but it certainly just got lighter.

Little Monk has written a piece here which makes perfect sense. I think it is called “faith in action”. But this time with a “how to: faith in action.”

Another reason for fellowship: these beautiful “light bulb” moments!

Thank you LM 🙂

The Postmodern Mystic

hurricaneOnce upon a time, a lifetime or two ago, I used to fly airplanes. Little airplanes, I’ll grant, but still… I flew them.

I’ve also endured a hurricane or two in my time, (totally as a ground-dweller!)

But I’ve watched a program about an aircraft dubbed “NOAA 42”, where grown men in (ostensibly) their right minds actually and on purpose fly their airplane INTO a hurricane (often at laughingly low altitude) to acquire scientific/meteorological data to predict the behavior of a given storm to predict landfall and severity. (Please bear in mind, while this sounds dare-devilish… this exercise saves lives as these storms bear down on us landlocked.)

But as I watched this program… an episode about a flight that went in a distinctly UNscripted fashion as they explored Hurricane Hugo a while back… I found myself echoing with how apt their experience is to life itself.

I mean, there…

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2 thoughts on “NOAA 42 — IFR Living

  1. Thank you – yipe! it is sure hard to trust that way but ultimately we don’t have a choice, we are headed into that storm whether we like it or not – while these pilots do.

    • Hiya KB, what a glorious comment! We don’t have a choice! 🙂

      I made the comment to LM that I have an “instruments mode” at work when the poo-poo hits the fan. Never thought of transferring that “God mode” in the same way when “living poo-poo” strikes! Always too much teeth gnashing and checking over my shoulder(s)! Doh!!


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